10+ Atractiva Piscina Ideas de Diseño que Te encantará Inmediatamente

10+ Atractiva Piscina Ideas de Diseño que Te encantará Inmediatamente Piscina

We can’t deny that an outdoor area is just important as an indoor one because it’s where we want to spend our time in a breezy atmosphere. Many homeowners love to add a water feature to their backyard because the sound of the water stream can bring calming and relaxing effects, and one of them is a swimming pool. It’s one of the popular water features that you have to consider to build and improve your outdoors.

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If you’re planning to have a swimming pool, we’ve gathered some swimming pool designs that will make you stunned!

Best Swimming Pool Design Ideas

Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Fun Stock Tank


For people who have a small backyard, a stock tank pool can be one of the best options. To give a more decorative look, cover the pool with wood plank or cedar so it looks more eye-catching.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Earthy Above-Ground


An above-ground swimming pool with a deck as its base looks and feels so cozy because it’s also attached to the built-in bench.

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Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Stunning Pool Deck


Optimizing your outdoor deck for both furniture and swimming pool can be a great combination because you get two cozy spots at once. Install some simple lighting fixtures to keep it illuminated.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Simple Swimming Pool


This swimming pool looks quite simple with a deck as its base and trees as a natural privacy fence. A simple pool that faces the seating area with a pergola shade becomes a cozy place to stay.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Captivating Pool Deck


Having a big swimming pool has an advantage because you can swim freely from one side to another, which is good for people who love active aquatic, not only soaking their bodies.

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Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Rustic Wooden Deck


Another idea that lets you have easy access from your house to the swimming pool directly. A simple pool on a deck that also works as a sunbathing lounge.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Simple and Elegant


A small rectangle pool in a narrow backyard becomes the oasis because it brings freshness among the warm earthy tiles patio.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Stylish Modern Design


For you who’re planning to have a modern house, this sleek pool can be a great reference. Moreover, a glass fence enhances the modern feeling even more.

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Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Unique Pool Design


Instead of making a regular swimming pool, you might want to build a unique one like this L-shaped pool that surrounds the back part of the house.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Stunning Inground Pool


Even a small swimming pool can improve the look of your backyard. In this idea, a simple rectangular pool is surrounded by a wooden deck, greeneries, and furniture.

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Have you found the best swimming pool design that suits your style? Grab your wishlist and add a swimming pool to it now!