10x Tips against burglary

It will happen to you that your home is broken into. Although the number of burglaries is decreasing every year, mainly thanks to government measures, many people are still victims of break-ins every year. That is why it is important that you are aware that this can also happen to you. Always make sure that you take the necessary measures to prevent a burglary. We have listed a number of tips for you that really help.

1. Locked

The simplest measure you can take to prevent a burglary is to always lock the doors and windows when you go out. A burglar is inside within five seconds if your front door is not locked. He has special techniques for that. These techniques are often not applicable with a closed door or window. Also think of the garden gate. Always locked!

2. I’m watching here sign

You’ve probably seen them, signs with warnings that a dog is present. In some cases it is really true, but there are also people who place such a sign, without actually having a dog in the house. Such a sign has a preventive effect!

10x Tips against burglary Living inspiration

3. Lighting

Lighting also has a preventive effect. Provide good lighting in the garden and at the front door. These can be lamps with motion sensors, which only switch on when someone is in the garden or close to the front door. If you prefer a lamp that is on all night, it is so handy that you choose an LED lamp. If you are on vacation, set one or more timers at different times and different rooms. That way potential burglars think you are at home.

4. Cameras

Cameras are always a good idea. First, cameras have a preventive effect. They deter burglars. If it doesn’t deter them and still decide to break into you, then at least you have images of them. Nowadays there are also so-called IP cameras available, with which you can see the images on your phone in real time. You can then remotely catch the burglar and call in the police. Useful!

5. Good locks with political hallmark

Good locks are half the battle. That is really true! Therefore always choose a good cylinder lock with a political mark. Nine out of ten burglars choose a home that is easy to break into. Do you have a good lock and your neighbors don’t? Then they will skip your house sooner. Sliding doors are prone to burglary, but fortunately there are special locks available for this. You can recognize a good lock by the SKG® logo with stars. For example, the lock below is available at Deur-cilinderslot.nl .

10x Tips against burglary Living inspiration

6. Gravel and pebbles

You may not have heard this tip very often, but it is definitely worth considering. By laying out your garden and front yard with molar stones or gravel, you can hear much better when someone is walking through it. You may not hear it, but your dog is of course a lot more alert.

10x Tips against burglary Living inspiration

7. Alarm

Like cameras, lighting and good locks, alarm systems also deter burglars. In addition, an alarm is also a good idea because it provides a sense of security. Some alarm systems can even be connected to the control room, after which it can be passed on to the police.

8. Hide valuables

Do you have a house with a view? Then make sure that all valuables are out of sight. Jewelry, laptops, watches, iPads, you name it.

9. No cash

Never keep too much cash at home. You are not insured for that.

10. Never just open the door

You shouldn’t think about being broken into when you get home. Therefore, never just open the door. First look through the window, the peephole or if necessary through the letterbox. This is especially recommended in the evening.

Would you like to read what else you can do to prevent a burglary? Take a look at the website ‘ Don’t make it easy for them ‘.

10x Tips against burglary Living inspiration

10x Tips against burglary Living inspiration


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