15x Scandinavian design brands

Scandinavian design has always been very popular. Each Scandinavian piece of furniture is so carefully designed that they all serve a specific purpose in the room. Scandinavian designers learn to always look at the function of an object while creating beauty, rather than just decorating or filling the space. This is why Scandinavian design is recognized for its elegant simplicity and why every piece of furniture has a sense of grandeur in every room where it stands; not only because of its beauty, but also because of its usefulness.

Many of our favorite Scandinavian design brands offer quality and well-designed pieces at reasonably accessible prices. Below you will find a selection of the most popular Scandinavian design brands.

1. Muuto

The Danish design brand Muuto takes its name from the Finnish word for change, ‘muutos’. True to its name, Muuto aims to create new perspectives and make Scandinavian design famous all over the world. The most essential principles are clear aesthetics, functionality and craftsmanship combined with modern techniques and an experimental attitude.

Muuto chooses the best new Scandinavian designers, such as Cecilie Manz, Mika Tolvanen, Harri Koskinen and design studios Anderssen & Voll and Form Us With Love, to name a few, and lets them play with new ideas, techniques, materials and shapes. Furniture, lamps and home accessories from Muuto represent the essence of modern Scandinavian design.

15x Scandinavian design brands Furniture

2. Bloomingville

Bloomingville is a Danish interior brand known for its combination of raw materials and Scandinavian design, with a classic French and vintage twist. The Bloomingville collection varies from carpets, mirrors, chairs, stools, tables, cabinets and a wide range of small decorative products such as vases, candlesticks, lighting and baskets. Bloomingville furniture and decoration products are made from natural products such as metal, wood, copper, rattan, marble, cotton, linen, canvas and jute.

The passion for interior design is reflected in a collection of high-quality furniture and interior products made with the best materials, mainly from Asia and Africa. The Bloomingville design team seeks challenge in designing products that reflect the spirit of the company of the founder Betina Stampe, who is likely the key to Bloomingville’s success.

15x Scandinavian design brands Furniture

3. & Tradition

& Tradition (AndTradition), formerly known as Unique Copenhagen, is a Danish company, synonymous with Scandinavian heritage in contemporary design. By changing the name, the company wants to emphasize how solid handicrafts are combined with modern design and Scandinavian tradition with high quality. Working with emerging and established designers, & Tradition is known for producing some of Verner Panton and Arne Jacobsen’s most celebrated designs.

Craft meets art. Function meets form. Material meets potential. This is the Scandinavian tradition and heritage. & Tradition wants to bridge these values to contemporary design by reshaping, redefining and reinventing materials, techniques and shapes. & Tradition uses and combines new materials, exposes new techniques and pushes boundaries in production.

The Danish company wants to challenge the boundaries of function, form and materials. The & Tradition collection not only includes iconic designs and undiscovered gemstones from yesterday’s masters, but also includes new works by today’s leading designers and tomorrow’s talents, those talents who can create the classics of the future. & Tradition scouts for design talent across borders and selects production facilities that deliver the best quality wherever they are.

& Tradition markets its collection through an international network, but their roots are still Scandinavian and tradition is still part of their identity. & Tradition believes in design made from sustainable production and respects the nature that supplies the raw materials.

15x Scandinavian design brands Furniture

4. HAY

HAY is a Danish design company founded in 2002 and is characterized by innovation, bold designs and high-quality industrial production. HAY’s furniture, lighting and interior products are easily accessible to a wide audience and have become iconic pieces of modern Scandinavian design. This popular Scandinavian design brand collaborates with a number of established and emerging Scandinavian designers and studios, such as Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Hee Welling and Scholten & Baijings.

Behind HAY’s ingenious and surprising designs hides an interesting mindset: the designers are given complete creative freedom to move forward with the things they love, as long as they follow HAY’s key principles: architectural, design and technological ambitions and durability.

15x Scandinavian design brands Furniture

5. Gubi

Gubi Olsen and his wife Lisbeth Olsen founded Gubi in 1967. The company has been based on product design and development since its inception. Over the years, the two designers have created a large collection of upholstered furniture and an upholstery fabric called Holmens Klæde.

The Gubi family has now re-established a creative platform for the development of innovative, functional design with global market appeal, bringing Gubi back to the forefront of the Danish design world. With this new foundation firmly in place, the strategy is now focused on the development of unique design icons.

Since 1967, Gubi’s core philosophy has been to create timeless designs, with aesthetics, innovation, functionality and quality as guiding principles. Gubi’s many new designs are being developed partly in collaboration with designers who have previously made their mark on Gubi products and partly in collaboration with a number of new designers who will in turn add new stories to the Gubi saga.

Gubi is currently focusing on building a classic collection of design icons from 1930 to the present day. The collection covers both a broad geographic area and a timeline, but the focus is always on the same core values, so there is a consistent theme throughout the collection. Gubi’s classics include designs by Barba Corsini, Greta Magnusson Grossman and Mathieu Matégot.

15x Scandinavian design brands Furniture

6. Ferm Living

Ferm Living was founded by Trine Andersen in 2006. Ferm Living, originally focused on graphic design, soon started designing and selling wallpaper and other lifestyle products. The Ferm Living collection was an instant success and since then people all over the world have fallen in love with their stylish and playful designs.

The Danish company Ferm Living designs and produces contemporary furniture and accessories for every room in the house. Their collection also includes fun wall stickers, pillows, blankets, kitchen accessories and kids’ stuff, all with a graphic, Scandinavian touch.

15x Scandinavian design brands Furniture

7. Frama

Frama is a Copenhagen-based design brand with a versatile and multidisciplinary approach. Ranging from furniture to small items. The Frama collections focus on solid materials with natural finishes and simple geometry. The objects within the collection are a return to the basics, where the design appearance is honest and pure. Frama works in the field of design archetypes and represents a graphic and simple aesthetic approach to design. The Frama headquarters and the Studio Store are located in central Copenhagen, in the historic Nyboder district.

15x Scandinavian design brands Furniture

8. Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen is a Danish design brand, founded by Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen in 1999. Since their first product, the iconic Norm 69 lamp, Normann Copenhagen has strived to challenge conventional design rules. This is reflected in the use of traditional materials in unconventional ways and combinations.

Normann Copenhagen’s fresh and innovative attitude stems from collaborations with established designers and the fresh talents. Over the years, Normann Copenhagen’s furniture, lighting, textiles and home accessories have won dozens of different design awards. Their flagship store in Copenhagen is also a flagship store of modern Danish design – located in an old cinema, the 1,700 square meter showroom is often considered the coolest store in Copenhagen.

15x Scandinavian design brands Furniture

9. Fritz Hansen

Fritz Hansen is an internationally renowned design brand that was founded in Denmark in 1872. The design philosophy is based on the same principles as 150 years ago: Fritz Hansen believes that one piece of furniture or lighting can change the atmosphere of an entire room and increase the happiness and well-being of people living in the space. Fritz Hansen’s collections range from Danish design classics by Arne Jacobsen and Poul Kjærholm to contemporary pieces by designers such as Jaime Hayon and Cecilie Manz. The Danish lighting company Lightyears has been part of Fritz Hansen since 2015.

15x Scandinavian design brands Furniture

10. Design House Stockholm

Design House Stockholm has offered Scandinavian simplicity in its purest form since 1992. Their unique objects follow the motto: ‘Don’t make anything unless it’s both necessary and useful; but if it is both necessary and useful, do not hesitate to make it beautiful. ‘

The Design House Stockholm collection includes a range of cool furniture, lighting and accessories with a Scandinavian touch.

15x Scandinavian design brands Furniture

11. Carl Hansen & Søn

Each piece of furniture from Carl Hansen & Søn embodies the rich heritage of the family-run Danish design house. Dedicated to craftsmanship and the highest quality materials, including sustainably managed Danish hardwoods, Carl Hansen & Søn proudly boasts a portfolio of chairs, tables, benches and bookcases found in the world’s most fascinating homes, hotels, restaurants and offices.

Since Carl Hansen & Søn famously collaborated with Hans J. Wegner in the late 1940s, it has produced some of the designer’s most timeless pieces: the CH24 Wishbone Chair, CH25 Lounge Chair, and CH445 Wing Chair to name but a few. to mention. Carl Hansen & Søn has since evolved to create other masterpieces from influential architects such as Mogens Koch, Kaare Klint and Ole Wanscher. Recently, the company has added modern masters such as Tadao Ando and Thomas Bo Kastholm, who continue the quest for perfection that has led Carl Hansen & Søn designs for more than a century.

15x Scandinavian design brands Furniture

12. Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen is known worldwide for their lamps with the highest level in both quality and design. Their selection includes lamps designed by masters such as Poul Henningsen, Verner Panton and Arne Jacobsen.

Original, simple and unique, Louis Poulsen lamps are classics that have stood the test of time. Louis Poulsen has brought light to Danish homes since 1950 and the designs continue to fascinate people from generation to generation.

15x Scandinavian design brands Furniture

13. Menu

Since 1976 the Danish design brand Menu has created a mix of ingenious Scandinavian design products with an experimental and ambitious touch. Menu’s furniture, lighting and decor objects are designed to facilitate and brighten up everyday life without compromising aesthetics. The cornerstones of the design are endless ambition, fresh ideas and breaking the traditional boundaries of Scandinavian design.

Menu collaborates with some of the most creative designers of modern Scandinavian design and architecture. Where possible, Menu also works with artisans around the world to preserve and renew local traditions.

15x Scandinavian design brands Furniture

14. House Doctor

House Doctor is a family-run design brand based in Denmark. The company is led by three siblings: Rikke Juhl Jensen, Gitte Juhl Capel and Klaus Juhl Pedersen, who all share a creative gene and believe that beautiful interiors enhance your passion for life. Since its launch in 2001, House Doctor has continuously followed current trends and designed new, luxurious furniture and interior accessories.

House Doctor’s personal and unique style is reflected in all of its products: vases in all shapes, materials and colors, wire baskets in different styles, mirrors, unique pieces of furniture, nostalgic style kitchen scales, to name just a few of their enormous amount of items. . Every six months new luxury and quality items are added to their collection.

15x Scandinavian design brands Furniture

15. Form & Refine

Founded in 2018 in Denmark, Form & Refine is a design company with ecological and ethical values and respect for traditional craft cultures and production methods. Helle Herman Mortensen, Jonas Herman Pedersen and Lasse Lund Lauridsen, the founders of Form & Refine, believe that the best manufacturing skills for each material are found in the country of origin, and the most direct and honest partnerships are the easiest to create with smaller workshops and cooperatives.

Scandinavian design traditions play an essential role in Form & Refine’s collections, including furniture, textiles and accessories. Most of the wood used in the products is grown in a Danish forest and manufactured locally by skilled craftsmen. The ceramics come from Portuguese craftsmen from the Alcobaça region and the alpaca products from a cooperative of Bolivian alpaca farmers. Form & Refine strives to make products that will last from generation to generation, and the modest, sophisticated design allows the materials to manifest.

15x Scandinavian design brands Furniture

15x Scandinavian design brands Furniture

15x Scandinavian design brands Furniture


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