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An interior style that we always encounter is an eclectic interior. It sounds very exotic and it will also be very beautiful, but what is an eclectic interior anyway? Where is it from? What are the features of it? And how do you create an eclectic interior? Today we will dive deeper into it!

An eclectic interior is all about combining. You can think of combining different interior styles, combining different design periods, and combining different materials and textures. By combining the elements that are most beautiful for you, you create your perfect personal interior style, called eclectic.

Combination of different interior styles

You could not really call an eclectic interior style, as you can do with a modern interior , an industrial interior , a rural interior or a classic interior . In an eclectic interior you will often find a combination of different styles. This may sound a bit strange, but in practice it occurs consciously or unconsciously very often. In fact, how often does it happen that you only like one particular interior style? Hardly ever, right? It is much more common that you like multiple interior styles. Then why would you choose one style? Go for an eclectic interior style!

Combination of different design periods

You can therefore combine interior styles very nicely with each other, the same also applies to different design periods. The art deco period from 1920 to 1939, streamline design that was very popular from 1930 to 1955, the retro style in the 70s, you name it. Each period is characterized by typical features, which you can combine very nicely in an eclectic interior.

Combination of materials and textures

Different interior styles and design periods of course also mean the use of different materials and textures. These can vary enormously. Materials such as stone, leather, gold, copper, wool, wood, marble, steel are very common in certain styles. In an eclectic interior, these beautiful materials with different textures are combined in a very beautiful way. Can you picture it already? An eclectic living room with a wooden floor, a woolen rug, a cognac leather sofa, steel doors, a brick wall, a rustic wooden coffee table, topped by a large golden chandelier?

All the best in an eclectic interior

Eclectic also stands for ‘choosing the best’. This alone already sounds ideal. You can find different interior styles beautiful, but each style will also have characteristics that you may find less beautiful or very ugly. In an eclectic interior you only choose the beautiful elements of different interior styles. A much more personal interior than an eclectic interior is therefore not possible. After all, it is a combination of everything that you like. Sometimes this results in a home that looks a bit messy or chaotic, but sometimes everything turns out just right.

1. Clean lines, boho vibe and golden accents

If you are obsessed with all things vintage and have an eye for eclectic interiors, then you will absolutely love Jenasie’s home. Jenasie lives with her husband and three children in a 1970s split-level house.

I don’t even know how to describe my style, other than it’s my style. I get a lot of inspiration from the Victorian style and delightfully eclectic style. I kind of blend into the mid-century for those nice clean lines, a boho vibe for a relaxed feel, and most importantly, lots of gold accents.

Click here to see more of Jenasie’s home!

30x Eclectic interior Living inspiration

2. 50s house in eclectic style

This is the eclectic living room of Mary Anne Holls Bowen and her husband Justin. After buying the house, a 1950’s home, it took them 14 months to create their dream home full of beautiful art and bright colors. In the living room this is reflected with different vintage rugs full of beautiful colors, a beautiful gray-blue velvet chesterfield sofa, a purple and an orange armchair, a vintage wooden dining table and a large crystal chandelier.

We wanted to create a style that reflects who Justin and I are. We want our guests to feel comfortable and let their imaginations run wild.

Click here for the full interior viewer!

30x Eclectic interior Living inspiration

3. Classic Scandinavian minimalism and eclectic colors and materials

Homepolish designer Erika Yeaman has decorated her home with a mix of classic Scandinavian minimalism, family-friendly bohemian, and an eclectic mix of colors and materials. The living room features textured cushions, antique art and a colorful pouf around warm wood, sleek furnishings and a sculptural light from the Noguchi Museum. The family inherited many beautiful objects from her mother-in-law’s antique shop, meaning eclecticism would be a necessity in the home.

Original artwork and a mix of lighting fixtures give the home a pleasantly eclectic atmosphere.

Want to see more of the house? Click here !

30x Eclectic interior Living inspiration

Luke and Duncan’s colorful eclectic home

This is the London home of British designer Luke Edward Hall and his friend Duncan Campbell. Their Camden one bedroom flat is an absolutely maximalist dream home. Luke and Duncan are not afraid of color, and they are not afraid to change things. Every room in their house has a different color. The living room is a beautiful shade of green (which they later painted pink), the hallway was also green that was later painted yellow, and their bedroom is soft blue. And even the bathroom has a colorful touch with the Voysey wallpaper. We absolutely love the eclectic, vintage atmosphere!

See here all the beautiful colors of all the beautiful rooms!

30x Eclectic interior Living inspiration

5. Eclectic living on 38m2

Norwegian interior stylist Krista Elvheim proves that you can also decorate a small apartment super cheerful and colorful. Her 38m2 apartment in Norway is an explosion of color and clever design features. If you’re short on space, you have to be creative with the space you have and that’s definitely what Krista has done. In her eclectic living room you will find sturdy black frames, turquoise blue walls, a chic herringbone wooden floor, a blue velvet sofa with velvet cushions in various red and pink tones, you name it. Love it!

Click here to view the rest of the apartment!

30x Eclectic interior Living inspiration

6. Interior of an Eclectic museum

This is Courtney aka Cocollected’s beautiful eclectic home. In her home she shows her love for vintage and unique items that she also sells. Although a lot happens in an eclectic interior like this one, Courtney proves that it can also be very atmospheric and homely. For some, this is like a museum, but we love it!

Click here to see more of Courtney’s home!

30x Eclectic interior Living inspiration

7. Eclectic IKEA interior

That’s right, this is a photo we found at IKEA, a shoot for IKEA Livet Hemma. The beautiful styling was realized by Camilla Gantelius and the photos were taken by Andrea Papini. It has become a truly eclectic living room, with a raw concrete wall, a gray floor, and a mix of different styles of furniture and accessories, such as the vintage leather sofa, the wooden coffee tables, the sleek TV unit on wheels, a wool and a leather pouf… The large collage on the wall with different frames and prints also looks great!

Click here for more pictures!

30x Eclectic interior Living inspiration

8. Eclectic loft apartment

Kelsey’s eclectic open-plan loft apartment certainly has its quirks. The floors are all slightly sloping, and there are no rooms or walls (except the four walls). But Kelsey has found a way to make it her dream apartment. This space is used incredibly well and is so neatly organized. The basis of the loft apartment is raw and industrial, but with an eclectic mix of furniture and accessories, it has become very cozy and atmospheric.

Take here a complete tour of the loft apartment.

30x Eclectic interior Living inspiration

9. New York loft apartment

Brazilian artist Hussein Jarouche visits New York four times a year and resides in this 87m² eclectic Chelsea loft designed by Ana Strumpf – his home away from home. Jarouche is the owner of Micasa, a furniture and objects store in São Paulo, which of course also shows in the apartment’s eclectic interior. It is decorated full of design and art. You will find a patchwork of old plates, copper hanging lamps, different types of animals hanging on the wall, vintage lighting, and tea cups that float above the kitchen bench, and many other objects with a lot of character.

30x Eclectic interior Living inspiration

Do you love this apartment? Click here to see more pictures!

10. Eclectic Madrid home

This special home was designed by Spanish interior designer Belén López, located in Madrid. The space alone is already super impressive. With an eclectic interior full of unique objects, it has become even more special. With the large original windows, the classic freestanding bath on legs, the various hanging lamps and rugs, you will really look your eyes out in this apartment.

The whole interior viewer can be seen here!

30x Eclectic interior Living inspiration

Below you will find more beautiful inspiration examples where an eclectic interior has been chosen. Click on the image to enlarge it.

30x Eclectic interior Living inspiration

30x Eclectic interior Living inspiration


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