Aicok Espresso Machine Reviews & Manual **2020 NEW**

Aicok Espresso Machine to be able to enjoy real Italian coffee specialties at home is a dream for many, which can easily be realized with the Aicok espresso machine. The model is inexpensive and offers all the features you need to brew a high-quality espresso. The stainless steel body of the device impresses with a high-quality impression at first glance. With dimensions of 21 x 28 x 28.5 centimeters, this model is wonderfully compact and can fit into any kitchen in a small area.

Such a device is an excellent addition to the household of a coffee lover and can be used every day. Espresso coffee is the basis for many other coffee specialties. The Aicok device also has a milk frother so that you can prepare both cappuccino and macchiato. Thus the Aicok espresso machine proves to be an all-round talent with which you can prepare coffee according to your own taste. This device from Aicok is a portafilter machine. The coffee powder is filled into a portafilter, which is then attached to the coffee machine with a bayonet lock. Coffee can be made just as tasty at home as one is used to at an Italian café.

Aicok Espresso Machine Reviews 

The Aicok espresso machine is particularly suitable for all friends of a good espresso who want to enjoy this pleasure at home without having to buy an expensive machine. The first-class price-performance ratio makes the machine particularly attractive.

The large water tank of the device can hold 1.5 liters of water. So you can brew several cups of espresso without having to refill water. This is why the machine is also suitable for larger households with several coffee drinkers. This device from Aicok is also a plus for a small office. Aico espresso machine expensive also has a milk frother. That is why it is not only suitable for friends of strong espresso, but also for everyone who likes to drink coffee specialties that are prepared with milk.

Due to the attractive price, the Aicok espresso machine is also an excellent entry-level model. So you can try out whether the traditional preparation method for espresso coffee is also suitable for your own household.

Aicok Espresso Machine Manual 

The Aicok espresso machine manual has a portafilter that is placed in the middle of the machine. Immediately next to the portafilter is the milk frothing nozzle, with which milk can be frothed in a container below. The coffee is caught in a glass or cup that is placed under the portafilter. There is a practical drainage area underneath.

The device is characterized by a large 1.5-liter water tank so that you can brew several cups of espresso without having to fill up with water. This is why the device is also ideal for the larger family, who like to enjoy coffee together. The water tank is removable.

The machine is equipped with high-quality technology from Germany, which contributes to optimal coffee enjoyment. The machine builds up a pressure of 15 bar, which experts rate as optimal for the first-class espresso. In addition, the temperature is controlled automatically so that the brewing temperature is always perfect. Incidentally, we have taken a close look at other first-class espresso machine models that allow even more scope for individual taste adjustments than this machine.

The Aicok espresso machine 1350 manual is one of the most affordable portafilter machines on the market. Nevertheless, it impresses with its excellent technology, which enables the user to prepare aromatic espresso coffee in next to no time.

A special plus is the milk frother, which makes it possible to prepare coffee specialties such as cappuccino. The water tank with a capacity of 1.5 liters, which can be removed for filling and cleaning, is also to be rated positively.

The Aicok espresso machine also impresses with its successful appearance. With the stainless steel body, the small machine looks classy and looks great in every kitchen or in the house bar. Many good customer ratings are another reason why this device can be recommended for purchase to anyone who is interested.