Animal-friendly Scaring away a mouse? 6x Tips!

A single mouse may seem cute, but if you see one in the house, chances are there are several. Mice are known for their lively breeding habits. All it takes is just one of these furry critters to enter, and within a few weeks there could be dozens. Once they start to nest, it becomes a tough battle to get rid of them.

Mice in the house is not only embarrassing or a nuisance, it is also a major health hazard. A mouse uses their urine as a communication method. So, as they run around your house in search of food, they systematically urinate all over the place and spread disease. Mice also have a tendency to gnaw on wires, which can turn into an electrical nightmare.

Have you seen one mouse or more mice in your house? Or do you hear mice running through your ceilings or between the walls? Then it is high time that you start chasing them. There are many different methods of chasing or catching a mouse, but the best thing is to do this in an animal-friendly way. That is why we have listed a number of tips for you, so that you can chase away a mouse in an animal-friendly way. A lot of success!

1. Prevention is better than cure

The best tip to scare away a mouse: prevention is better than cure. In this case it is better to avoid getting a mouse in the house than to chase a mouse away. Mice are often most bothered in the cold winter months, as mice look for a warm place to nest, feed and reproduce. Below you will find an extensive checklist for making your home mouse-proof:

  • If you have trees near your house, make sure to prune branches so that they cannot be used as bridges. They enter through any opening in your roof or attic to enter your home;
  • Locate holes and crevices for mice to sneak through, and seal them with something durable, such as sheet metal or steel wool. Keep in mind that an average mouse will fit through any opening less than half an inch;
  • Never put garbage bags in front of your door, but throw them away immediately in the container;
  • Mice usually nest in old storage boxes, between walls and anything soft for nesting, such as bedding for nesting material. Therefore, make sure that these types of sensitive areas are neat and clean;
  • Keep windows and doors closed as much as possible in winter;
  • Make sure your home is always clean. For example, clean up food scraps at all times!

2. Use scents that scare away mice

Mice have a strong sense of smell, so implementing these particular scents at key points in your home is bound to drive them away. One scent that mice absolutely hate is garlic and spicy scents such as cayenne pepper.

They also don’t like peppermint. Buy some peppermint oil and cotton balls. Dip the cotton balls in peppermint oil and strategically place them at risk spots. The great thing about using these aromas is that they are all natural and safe for pets and children. Moreover, this is a very animal-friendly method for repelling mice.

Animal-friendly Scaring away a mouse? 6x Tips! Living inspiration

Mice are also not fans of Eucalyptus. An extra reason to take this nice plant into your home!

Animal-friendly Scaring away a mouse? 6x Tips! Living inspiration

Keep in mind that mice can be very smart and can easily get around these measures. So it is important to supplement this method with other tactics.

3. Aluminum foil

Somehow mice have a aluminum foil phobia. For example, you could use aluminum foil to close holes. Unlike other materials such as plastic and paper, mice will not gnaw on aluminum foil.

4. Scaring away a mouse with sound?

If you search top ‘scare away mouse’, you will come across all kinds of advertisements for so-called Ultrasonic equipment. These are devices that produce a fluctuating sound wave with a very high frequency. So high that they cannot be heard by humans, but can chase away vermin such as rats and mice. We briefly researched people who have tried this animal-friendly method. From multiple reviews of different brands, we can actually conclude that Ultrasound does not help.

5. Plug In Pest Free

Plug In Pest Free is a device that you can plug into the sockets just like with Ultrasone. Unlike Ultrasone, Plug In Pest Free does not produce any sound. It uses the electrical system in the house. The change realized in the existing electromagnetic field causes mice to become stressed and disoriented. This is of course also something, where you wonder whether it works. If you take a look at the reviews , it looks like it’s worth a try. And if it turns out not to work afterwards, you can use the 60-day warranty.

Animal-friendly Scaring away a mouse? 6x Tips! Living inspiration

6. Animal-friendly mouse trap

With an animal-friendly mousetrap you can catch mice without them dying or causing pain. This is different from glue traps, for example, where the mice get stuck. Walk-in traps and blow traps are animal-friendly. You can buy such an animal-friendly mouse trap, but you can also easily make it yourself.

The video below shows how 5 different animal-friendly mouse traps can be made and used.

Animal-friendly Scaring away a mouse? 6x Tips! Living inspiration

Animal-friendly Scaring away a mouse? 6x Tips! Living inspiration


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