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On an oak-treed, nook lot withinside the luxurious San Antonio neighborhood, Inverness, is a maximum current domestic sitting seven ft above the herbal grade. The spacious 4,200-square-foot, one-tale floorplan with 3 bedrooms and a have a look at changed into designed with the aid of using JMS Architects who additionally served as the overall contractor, presenting creation detailing all through the build.

The firm, recognized for its delicate current architecture, labored carefully with their clients, a expert couple that had been energetic withinside the project, says JMS primary and architect, Joseph Smith. “They are very obsessed with layout and we labored properly collectively at the layout of the house — to a degree that the purchaser carried an early floorplan/comic strip of the house and whenever a extrade changed into taken into consideration he’d revert lower back to the preliminary comic strip and commonly live with the preliminary inspiration.”

Functionality changed into key to the house’s layout, Smith adds, “Keeping with the firm’s philosophy of shape follows function, the house outside façades are a fabricated from the houses functions.” From the street, linear stone steps cause floating concrete steps which upward push to a protected the front porch with expansive glass accentuating the steel-framed entry. A stone parapet façade is interrupted with metallic channels permitting drainage for the low slope roof, even as clerestories shaped in a lighter met.


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