Buy a house? 10 tips!

Are you happy to buy a house? Fun! At the same time, it is also super exciting. Are you a starter and are you going to buy a house for the first time? Or has it been a while since you bought a house? Don’t worry, we have listed the best tips for you!

Buying your first home is considered one of the greatest milestones – both in life and in finance. It’s a big commitment, and chances are it’s the biggest purchase you’ve made to date. Have you ever bought a house, it may be that this has been a while. In the meantime, of course, so much could have changed. To help you on your way, we have made a list of useful tips for buying a new home.

1. What are you looking for?

You probably already have an idea of what kind of house you want to buy. For a starter this is often a small apartment, and if you have a family with children, then you probably want at least a single-family home with a garden. We recommend that you think carefully about this. Decide for yourself how many square meters you want, whether or not you need outdoor space, how many bedrooms you want, you name it. And also look ahead. One bedroom may be enough for you now, but what if you get a partner in a while? Do you need an extra room for a larger wardrobe or a workplace?

Buy a house? 10 tips! Living inspiration

2. How much can you borrow?

One of the most important parts when buying a house is the financing – how much can you borrow? Based on that, and any money saved, you know how much the asking price of potential houses can be. It is also easier to filter by price.

Do not only pay attention to the maximum amount that you can borrow, but also pay attention to the current mortgage interest and all additional costs that you will have to deal with, such as gas, water and light, energy costs, internet and telephone costs, insurance, you name it .

3. Purchase broker

So there is a lot to consider when buying and looking for a house. You can of course do it all yourself, but sometimes it can be a good idea to hire a buying agent who will help you find and buy a home. Of course you pay for it, but a purchase broker also offers many advantages:

  • A buying agent is often aware of the local market and the range of houses. This way they know well with what amount you can start bidding;
  • A buying broker has a lot of knowledge and experience, which is very useful for inspections, rules, valuation, you name it;
  • A buying broker is not emotionally involved in the buying process. That way you can get an objective opinion about a house;
  • With a purchase broker you can save a lot of time, energy and arrangements. For example, a purchase broker helps you with the purchase contract.

4. Search with Funda

Funda is the place to look for a new home. Almost all real estate agents in the Netherlands offer the houses on Funda. Don’t just look at the site, create an account and download the app on your phone. Then you can save all interesting properties, and you can stay informed by saving your searches. To make sure you miss your dream home, you can set that you receive an e-mail or a push message on your smartphone daily, weekly or monthly or even real-time.

5. Follow brokers on social media

Everyone searches funda when looking for a new home, but nowadays it is just as important to follow brokers on their social media channels. Almost all brokers post the latest offer first on Facebook and Instagram. With ‘sneak previews’ and ‘swims of the week’, they tease their followers with homes that will soon be offered for sale. You will see these before they are placed on Funda. Always fun!

6. View several houses

If you engage a purchase broker, he or she will probably also advise you to always view several houses. That way you can compare the different houses and make a better choice. Also visit houses that may not be your first choice at first. When viewing, pay attention not only to how the house is now, but also how it can be. Does the house only have two bedrooms? Perhaps it is very easy to divide the master bedroom into two separate bedrooms. Is there no open kitchen? Perhaps the wall between the kitchen and living room is not a load-bearing wall, making it very easy to remove.

Explore the neighborhood

A house may be so beautiful, but the neighborhood is just as important. For many, the neighborhood is even number one. Are you dealing with small children? Then check if there are good schools in the area. And what about the infrastructure? Is there a metro station within walking distance? Is the highway close by? Are there shops and supermarkets? Nice parks maybe?

Buy a house? 10 tips! Living inspiration

8. Second viewing

No matter how enthusiastic you are about a home – we always recommend viewing a home twice. Not only to find out if you are still so beautiful, but during a second viewing you can also look more critically at certain things. You could also bring your parents, your sibling, and a close friend.

9. Building inspection

Old characteristic houses are very beautiful, but there are also disadvantages. That is why we recommend that you always have a structural inspection carried out for these types of houses. This may cost a few hundred, but that is always better than finding out afterwards that you are dealing with heavy leaks, wood rot or even that the foundation is not good.

10. Bidding with resolutive conditions

Have you found your dream home? Then you can make an offer. Regardless of whether you are bidding high or low, it is important to bid with resolutive conditions. Especially the part ‘subject to financing’ is an important one, with which you can get rid of the purchase without costs, if for one reason or another you are unable to arrange the mortgage.

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Buy a house? 10 tips! Living inspiration

Buy a house? 10 tips! Living inspiration


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