Encantadoras ideas de baño boho que definitivamente te encantarán

Encantadoras ideas de baño boho que definitivamente te encantarán Baño

As a private spot in a house, a bathroom is a place that you can decorate as comfortable as possible. One of the most loved home styles is Bohemian or boho style. This concept is great for homeowners who love experimenting with vibrant colors, patterns, and textures. Those points are the main points for a boho style. You still can use neutral colors but as a complimentary, not the main.

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Below we’ve collected some gorgeous boho bathroom ideas just for you!

Best Boho Bathroom Ideas

Boho Bathroom Ideas: Eye-Catching Wall Decor


One of the important points for boho style is eye-catching patterns and textures to give color to the walls, especially if you have white walls as the background.

Boho Bathroom Ideas: Make It Loud


Giving a statement look that can be seen directly when someone enters the bathroom is the purpose of the boho style. Use a patterned wallpaper to decorate the whole walls and complete it with a Moroccan-style rug.

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Boho Bathroom Ideas: Simple Decor Item


Instead of using many items, using a patterned shower curtain is a good choice. You still achieve that boho style without worry to make the room looks too ‘loud’.

Boho Bathroom Ideas: Warm Earthy Decor


To complete the boho style, choosing terracotta fo the basic color is also great. This idea gives you an example of a perfect combination of some colors and patterns.

Boho Bathroom Ideas: Mesmerizing Festive Decor


Opt-out using colorful paint or wallpaper and use a patterned rug and put it to cover the floor instead. The colorful and patterned rug looks beautifully decorate your bathroom in an elegant way.

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Boho Bathroom Ideas: Simple Modern Boho


The Boho look can be spotted simply from the shower curtain and a rug. The contrast between the curtain and a rug gives a stylish look to the bathroom.

Boho Bathroom Ideas: Stunning Soft Shades


Not confident enough to use multiple vibrant colors at once? This soft pastel color can be a great option but still with the Boho accent from the plants.

Boho Bathroom Ideas: Classic Boho Look


The Boho concept also often linked to vintage decor because of its combination with old furniture. This bathroom gives a classic vintage and retro look from the wood elements and tiles.

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Boho Bathroom Ideas: Bright and Breezy


One of the simplest ways to create a Boho style is by adding greeneries or potted plants inside. Of course, a patterned rug also helps so much with the accent touch.

Boho Bathroom Ideas: Creative Attic Bathroom


Even a small bathroom can achieve a Boho look as long as you decorate it accordingly. Just simple tiles floor and plantations are enough to freshen this space.

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The Boho design is one of the decorating styles that you need to consider and add to your home improvement list immediately!