How to clean the oven!

Cleaning your oven isn’t the most fun job in the house, but it doesn’t have to be a disaster either. Follow the steps in this guide and clean your oven in a safe, natural and effective method!

Cleaning the oven can be one of those jobs that you put off for weeks, months, or even years in a row. But a clean oven ensures that your cooking environment is hygienic and that you don’t get any strange smells from burnt fat.

Since oven grease can be super stubborn, many commercial oven cleaners contain quite powerful chemicals. For example, many oven cleaners contain ethylene glycol, ethers, methylene chloride, lye (sodium and potassium hydroxide), petroleum distillates, tall oil, you name it. Don’t like all those chemicals? Then this guide is perfect for you? We show you how to clean an oven in a safe, natural and effective method.

What do you need?

  • Baking soda;
  • Water;
  • Rubber gloves;
  • Moist dishcloth;
  • Plastic or silicone spatula;
  • Spray bottle;
  • White vinegar.

Step 1 – Empty the oven

The first step in cleaning the oven is to empty the oven. Remove the oven racks, pizza stone, oven thermometer and all other loose elements in the oven.

Step 2 – Making baking soda cleaner

Step two is to make the cleaning solution. Make a baking soda mixture. In a small bowl, mix 1/2 cup of baking soda with a few tablespoons of lukewarm water. Adjust the ratio of both as needed until you have a spreadable paste.

How to clean the oven! Kitchen inspiration

Step 3 – Cover the oven with detergent

Spread the cleaning paste over the interior surfaces of the oven, without the heating elements. If you don’t feel like getting your hands dirty, you could put on rubber gloves. The baking soda will turn brown when you rub it in; it can also be more crumbly in some places than others, which is fine. Just try to coat the entire oven as best you can, paying extra attention to particularly greasy areas. Let this work for at least 12 hours or overnight.

How to clean the oven! Kitchen inspiration

Step 4 – Soak oven racks

During the processing period, you can start cleaning the oven racks. You can also use the same paste of baking soda and water for this. Spread the cleaning paste over the oven racks. It is easiest to do this over a large bucket, because you also have to let it soak for at least 12 hours or overnight.

Step 5 – Cleaning the oven

You can continue cleaning the oven after 12 hours or overnight. Use a damp dishcloth and wipe away as much of the dried baking soda as possible. Use a plastic or silicone spatula to scrape off the paste if necessary. Because the baking soda is well incorporated, this process will be a lot easier. Usually a damp cloth is enough, but a spatula could be useful for hard-to-reach areas.

How to clean the oven! Kitchen inspiration

Step 6 – Vinegar

Put a little white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it anywhere you can still see baking soda residue in your oven. The vinegar will react to the baking soda and will foam gently. Using the damp cloth, wipe away the remaining foaming vinegar and baking soda mixture. Repeat this until all residue of the cleaning paste has disappeared. While wiping, add more water or vinegar to get the oven really clean and shiny.

How to clean the oven! Kitchen inspiration

Step 7 – Clean oven racks

Then the oven racks can be cleaned. If the cleaning paste has been properly incorporated, you will see that cleaning the oven racks is just as easy as with the oven. Use a damp cloth to wipe off the dried cleaning paste. If you notice that it is still stubborn, you could spray a little white vinegar on the stubborn areas. You could also use a scouring pad to scrub away the stubborn spots. When all the dirt has been removed, rinse the oven racks thoroughly with warm water. After drying, you can put the oven racks back in the oven.

How to clean the oven! Kitchen inspiration

Source: The Kitchn

How to clean the oven! Kitchen inspiration

How to clean the oven! Kitchen inspiration


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