How to paint paneling – 5 tips!

In the past, paneling was mainly used functionally, for insulation, heat and protection of the walls in the house. Nowadays, paneling is mainly a form of wall decoration, because it can be very beautiful. Not only in rural interiors, but actually in all interior styles. Today we want to show that painting paneling is a really fun idea. No, not painting traditional paneling, but making paneling out of paint. We see this fun home trend more and more often. Do you also like the idea and do you also want to paint a paneling? We have listed a number of useful tips for you!

1. Determine the height

Before you start painting your paneling, it is important to determine the height first. Traditional paneling has a usual height of between 1.20 and 130 meters. Of course, this does not mean that you have to stick to this. If you want to create a calm and calm effect in the room, choose a height where the paneling is higher than most furniture. If you have a sofa that is, for example, 80 centimeters high, you could paint a panel of 1.20 meters. You could do the same with the height of the dining table or the height of your bed including the headboard.

How to paint paneling - 5 tips! Living inspiration
A super cool combination of paneling of green paint and concrete plaster . Click here to take a look at this apartment.

If you do not necessarily want a calm effect, you can use a lower paneling. This is a good idea for rooms with a low ceiling, as it will make your ceiling appear higher. What can also be very nice is very high paneling, for example up to half of your walls or even up to 80% of the ceiling height. This is especially great for rooms with very high ceilings.

How to paint paneling - 5 tips! Living inspiration
You can also paint a paneling in an office! Click here to take a look at this cool industrial office.

2. Choose a nice color

Once you have determined the height, it is time to look at a beautiful color. Choosing a wall color can be quite a challenge, and if you want to paint a paneling, you even have to deal with two colors. The color of the painted paneling and the wall color above it. The most common is to combine colored paneling with a white top. You can combine white with all colors.

Of course this is not necessary, the most important thing is that you find a good match. For example, you could opt for a tone-on-tone combination, where you take different color shades of the same color. But there are also different colors that you can combine very nicely with each other. Think blue and green, gray and pink, beige and yellow, taupe and red, you name it.

How to paint paneling - 5 tips! Living inspiration
In this fun nursery, they even chose to paint a paneling with three color shades. Click here to view more photos of this nursery.

3. Paneling styles

The nice thing about painting a paneling is that you can create different effects. The standard variant is a straight line. You can easily create a straight line between the top and bottom part with the help of tape. For a super sharp and clean line, it is important to use good masking tape. After the tape has been glued to the wall, it is recommended to use sealant on the bottom edge. In this way imperfections are filled, so that the line will be super tight.

You can also paint a casual paneling. Then you don’t have to tape it at all. If you later want a clean line, you can still do so by slightly raising the paneling. Another really nice idea is to paint an ombre paneling on the wall. The two colors blend nicely with each other.

How to paint paneling - 5 tips! Living inspiration
Holly from Avenue Design studio opted for a clean-lined painted paneling for her daughter’s room. Click here to see more of this fun nursery.
How to paint paneling - 5 tips! Living inspiration
A super nice pink paneling with an ombre effect.
How to paint paneling - 5 tips! Living inspiration
Nice painted paneling in the bedroom with a playful look.

4. Paneling on furniture and doors

Painting paneling on the walls is fun, but you could also extend it to the furniture and doors. In this way it becomes a beautifully coherent whole. This can be on one wall, but it can also be done throughout the room. This tip is only for people who like to experiment in their interior and are not afraid of making the wrong choice.

How to paint paneling - 5 tips! Living inspiration
The blue paneling of paint continues very nicely on the door.

5. Wall decoration

Painted paneling is fun, but it can be even more fun with wall decoration. With traditional paneling, you naturally hang the wall decoration on the wall above the paneling. You can also do this with painted paneling, but because it is a flat wall, you can play with it a bit. For example, you could hang beautiful frames on the border or even on the painted paneling.

How to paint paneling - 5 tips! Living inspiration
Here they have mounted narrow picture boards right on the border of the painted paneling. View more photos here .

How to paint paneling - 5 tips! Living inspiration

How to paint paneling - 5 tips! Living inspiration


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