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An eat-in kitchen is more than just a space for cooking: it is the true heart of the home, a multifunctional space where the family can gather to cook, work, relax and entertain, all with an eye for young children. It must be able to meet everyone’s requirements, regardless of the time of day, by providing space for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as just a cup of coffee. Below you will find ten useful tips, great ideas and beautiful inspiration examples for furnishing a very nice kitchen!

1. How much space does a kitchen diner need?

To create an effective eat-in kitchen, you need space. There’s no point in cramming too much into a small kitchen, so for the space to work, it needs to be big enough. If you don’t have that, there are of course ways to create that space. For example, you could remove a wall, so that two spaces can be joined together. This could be the wall between the kitchen and the dining room or the wall between the kitchen and the living room. If possible, it is also a good idea to build an extension at the back of your home. Not only do you get a lot more space for furnishing a kitchen, it is also an opportunity to integrate inside and outside by placing a large glass sliding door, French doors or harmonica doors.

Kitchen diner Kitchen inspiration
This eat-in kitchen is part of a beautiful Lyon apartment, designed by interior designers Alexandra Tamburini. Besides being very spacious, it is also a very light kitchen. Modern white kitchen cabinets, a large peninsula with bar table, large dining table and a huge display cabinet. Click here to read more about this eat-in kitchen.

2. Walking space

It is important to have enough space in the kitchen, because you also have to take the walking space into account. It is not only nice for the cook to be able to move flexibly in the kitchen, but also to do this with the safety of the children, for example. Therefore always make sure that you have enough walking space.

Kitchen diner Kitchen inspiration
This is the eat-in kitchen of a beautiful London home, which has been completely renovated under the direction of Born Design, in collaboration with architect Martyn Clarke. The entire ground floor is furnished as the kitchen diner with a lounge area. It has been taken into account that there is enough walking space around a large cooking island, so that you can walk around comfortably. Click here to see all photos of this kitchen and house.

3. Shock-resistant, scratch-resistant and maintenance-friendly

The kitchen diner is used throughout the day by the whole family, including children. That is why it is important to design a kitchen that is suitable for this. This will have everything to do with the quality of the materials. Think of the floor, the kitchen back wall, the worktop and the kitchen cabinets. All these parts must be impact-resistant and scratch-resistant, otherwise your new kitchen will need to be replaced in no time. Maintenance is also an important aspect. Precisely because a kitchen diner is used so frequently, it is nice if it is maintenance-friendly. You should be able to clean everything easily.

Kitchen diner Kitchen inspiration
This modern white kitchen is furnished with sleek white kitchen cabinets. The floor is tiled with beautiful patterned tiles and on the kitchen back wall you will find stylish white subway tiles. Click here to see more of this beautiful kitchen diner.

4. Cooking island

If you have the space, a kitchen island is definitely a very nice nice to have. Not only does it look very beautiful and luxurious, a cooking island is also a central place in the kitchen that everyone can hang around. In addition, it also functions as a kind of room divider between the cooking area and the relax zone in a kitchen diner. A kitchen island does not have to be super large, but an ideal kitchen island contains, in addition to the stove, also enough work space, cupboard space and table space. You can have the most pleasant conversations on a kitchen island with bar stools!

Kitchen diner Kitchen inspiration
Kelly and Phil have realized an extension to
to build their dream kitchen there. It has become a sturdy industrial kitchen with a kitchen island, where you can sit on beautiful wooden bar stools. Read here more about this cool kitchen.

5. Storage space

Storage space is always nice at home, but that applies even more to a kitchen diner. That way you have everything at hand in the kitchen, without it being messy and chaotic. With practical storage space you keep your kitchen organized. Only low kitchen cabinets can look nice and sleek, but it is a zone not to use the kitchen splashback. Not a fan of wall cabinets? Then at least choose wall racks or wall shelves. You could also place a separate display cabinet or china cabinet in the kitchen.

Kitchen diner Kitchen inspiration
This is the kitchen of Swedish architect Andreas Part. He has set up a real kitchen diner in his Stockholm apartment. A fixed sofa has been built near the large window with handy drawers at the bottom. Click here to see this interior viewer.

6. Child-friendly

An eat-in kitchen is a kitchen for everyone. Hence, it is also called a family kitchen or a family kitchen. This means that it must also be accessible to small children. In addition to measures that have to do with safety, it is also always nice to set up a real child-friendly kitchen. For example, create a play corner where the children can play and possibly do homework. There are a lot of fun ideas that you can apply there, such as a large chalkboard, a toy kitchen, a puppet show, you name it.

Kitchen diner Kitchen inspiration
Standard Studio has converted an old school in Amsterdam into a cool loft home. The kitchen diner is located in the same room as the living room. And a child-friendly corner has been set up in the kitchen, where you can play and relax. Click here to view this cool loft home and kitchen.

7. Large dining table

There is absolutely no need for a large dining table in a kitchen diner. After all, you must be able to have breakfast, lunch and dinner there. For a quick bite, you could also sit at the kitchen island, but dinner is still most enjoyable at a beautifully set large dining table, where you can sit with the whole family. In practice, the dining table is used for many more other purposes. For example, some like to work at the dining table. You can play games on it. And the children can also do homework on it.

Kitchen diner Kitchen inspiration
This fine kitchen is by Sofie and Joakim. The kitchen is equipped with a lot of cupboard space. In addition, a very nice dining area has also been created with a long dining table, where a sofa is combined with a mix of different dining room chairs. Click here to read more about this eat-in kitchen.

8. Entertainment

Because an eat-in kitchen is more than just a place where you can cook and eat, it is also nice if there is some form of entertainment available. For example, you could hang up a TV, you could hang boxes for music, you could set up a cupboard with games, you name it. That way, the kitchen really starts to live and you can call it a real kitchen diner.

Kitchen diner Kitchen inspiration
Anne has designed her dream kitchen in her beautiful home in Sweden. It has become a real kitchen, where a lot of time is spent. She has placed a small box on the counter so that they can always listen to music in the kitchen. Click here to view more photos of this beautiful kitchen.

9. Light

Light is very important in the kitchen. During the day, the more sunlight the better. That is why a large glass sliding door, French doors or concertina doors are so nice. You could also create extra sunlight by installing skylights. Of course you also need lighting. Combine functional lighting with mood lighting. For example, spots in the ceiling are always nice, but it is sometimes also nice to only switch on the wall lamps or a table lamp.

Kitchen diner Kitchen inspiration
This lovely kitchen diner actually has no windows, but thanks to the glass double doors, it still has light. In addition, they have combined wall lamps on the kitchen back wall tiled with white subway tiles with a sturdy industrial hanging lamp above the dining table. Click here to read more about this eat-in kitchen.

10. Modern conveniences

Finally, we also want to talk about some very nice modern conveniences. Modern kitchens nowadays already come standard with certain modern conveniences and appliances, such as a dishwasher and a large oven. But there are a number of options, which some do not choose, but are definitely recommended in an eat-in kitchen. Consider, for example, a large refrigerator. The larger your family, the better it is to have a large refrigerator, preferably including a large freezer. Double sinks are also highly recommended, which you can use to dry the dishes. And if you like steamed dishes, then you shouldn’t miss a steamer in your kitchen. That’s a real lifesaver!

Kitchen diner Kitchen inspiration
This kitchen is equipped with the most modern equipment. The large kitchen island has an integrated extractor hood. That way, the beautiful characteristic ceiling does not have to be affected. Click here to see more photos of this beautiful kitchen.

Kitchen diner Kitchen inspiration

Kitchen diner Kitchen inspiration


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