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As an interior & design lover you always want to know what the latest home trends are. But even if you plan to move in the coming year, completely renovate your home, or give your living room a makeover, it is nice to know what is hot and not. Are you curious about the latest home trends? We have listed the latest living trends of 2021 for you. Read on quick!

2020 is a challenging year to say the least. And with so much change and uncertainty affecting our lives right now, it can be difficult to even look ahead, let alone plan ahead.

The pandemic is a perfect storm for do-it-yourselfers.

COVID-19 has drastically changed the way we live, so it’s not surprising that it already has a huge impact on the way we design, decorate and use our homes. ‘Housing trends’ do not evolve in a bubble. They are a direct response to world events that will be unprecedented in 2020. ” said Lauren Li, interior designer and founder of interior and design studio Sisällä, who predicts that we will experience immediate reactions to the pandemic in the way we decorate our homes and design interiors. On Homes to Love , she shares her insight into some of the home trends from which we can expect more as we move into 2021. Below we have listed these living trends for you.

Art and craft

“The pandemic is a perfect storm for do-it-yourselfers,” says Lauren. ‘We have time at home to relearn the handiwork, which we can give a nice place in our interior. We will experiment with ceramics, tie-dye, quilting, knitting and macramé. Not only do we find satisfaction and pride in our newly learned skills, familiar old-fashioned crafts help calm fears. ‘

Living trends 2021 Living inspiration

Grandmillennial style

Speaking of old-fashioned crafts – it seems millennials are getting tired of all the same spaces, white-on-white interiors, and the pressure of being ‘modern’, and are instead looking for tranquility in the revival of traditional styles. Just as feminine floral prints, gingham prints, puff sleeves and ruffles are back on the runway, Chintz, micro flowers, wicker furniture, antiques, fringes and wallpaper are back in Vogue thanks to a new trend known as the Grandmillennial style.

Living trends 2021 Living inspiration

Line art

Line art is a trend that we have seen a lot in recent years. Well-known artists and illustrators had started with the so-called Face line art, such as Mette Handberg, Christiane Spangsberg and Christophe Louis, who make super beautiful Face line paintings and prints. But now Line art is also applied to other elements in the house. Think of pillows, duvets, blankets, curtains, rugs, you name it.

The beautiful line art rug below is available at :

Living trends 2021 Living inspiration

Natural textures

Lauren predicts we’ll see a renewed appreciation for things made by hand. The handicraft is seen as a kind of antidote to modern hi-tech, digital life. “We will see many strong textures, such as rustic looking wood where we can feel the grain and natural stone full of character,” says Lauren. ‘We will embrace the imperfections of authentic natural materials and move away from similar materials such as porcelain with a marble look and sleek-looking artificial surfaces. We want to see and feel materials with natural textures such as wool, linen, wood and stone. – The opposite of the screens we watch a lot these days. ‘

Living trends 2021 Living inspiration

Happy colors

During this time in the midst of a pandemic, we feel insecure and, frankly, it looks bleak. The last thing we want is for our houses to look dull and depressing, especially since we spend more time at home than ever before. ‘ Lauren predicts that we will see living trends disappear from colorless shades of gray, black and white that we don’t feel anything. ‘More than ever we have to be optimistic, so we go to yellow, for example. Yellow is a friendly color, it is cheerful and a bit simple. ‘ “Yellow in our interiors may seem unusual and even a bit scary, but when used in the right way, it gives a cheerful coziness,” says Lauren. From refined ocher and mustard to blond and warm beige and bold yellow, there are many shades of yellow that make it accessible to use at home.

Reading tip: Yellow ocher in your interior

Living trends 2021 Living inspiration

Luxury every day

“ During this pandemic, we feel less likely to buy lipstick because no one can see us when we were (stuck) at home, so we invest in some small but luxurious home updates, ” says Lauren. “We spend more time at home than ever and need our homes to feel good. The ‘lipstick effect’ during COVID might be a luxurious scented candle, new bedding, beautiful pillows or a luxurious scented hand soap. These little things for the home give us a boost and brighten up our surroundings. Rather than spending money on a major renovation, they are an inexpensive way to bring about some happy changes at home. ‘

Buy locally

Lauren also believes that people are more likely to buy locally. She sees a huge shift in thinking when we want to shop locally to avoid lengthy shipping delays from overseas suppliers. We look for local makers for special custom pieces such as entertainment units and dining tables. Created pieces unique to our needs and tastes.

In addition to these fun predictions from Lauren, we also see a number of other living trends that we will see more and more in 2021. These include trends that we have already seen in 2020, and will continue into the new year, but there are also a number of very nice new trends.

Working from home

This trend is of course also related to COVD-19. Although we have already seen a trend of more and more people working from home, the pandemic has caused the number of home workers to grow enormously. Worldwide it is advised to work from home as much as possible, if there is no other option. This allows you to benefit from advantages such as no travel time and traffic jams, but the environment also benefits from the fact that there are far fewer cars on the road. It is important for home workers to set up a pleasant and practical workplace. A separate home office is most ideal, and people who don’t have a separate room will be more creative with it. Consider, for example, a folding wall desk in the bedroom, a stair cupboard or fixed cupboard that is converted into a workplace or a multifunctional workplace / cupboard.

Living trends 2021 Living inspiration

Brave Ground

Every year Flexa translates the trends discussed by color experts and a team of international designers into a trend-setting color that has an impact in interiors from all over the world. For 2021, Brave Ground has been named color of the year – a warm, natural neutral color that provides bolster and balance in any room.
Brave ground is a versatile earth tone that you can easily combine with other colors. It is a great wall color, but you can also use it very nicely in your interior in the form of, for example, a beautiful sofa or armchairs, or smaller accessories such as pillows and bed linen.

Living trends 2021 Living inspiration

Statement piece

In 2021 it will be very hot to use a statement piece in the interior. A statement piece, or a showpiece, is an object in a room that immediately stands out. This can be a wall, for example because it is painted in a striking wall color, or because it is a sturdy brick wall on which a large collage of frames has been created. But this can also be a beautiful eye-catching sofa in the living room, a work of art on the wall, a beautiful designer hanging lamp, you name it. It is an object that people look at and talk about directly.

Living trends 2021 Living inspiration


You may not think that Japan and Scandinavia have much in common, but when it comes to interiors, they are much more alike than you might think. Both the Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics focus on simplicity, natural elements and comfort – it is no surprise that we see more and more designers combining the two looks – a living trend also known as Japandi.

Living trends 2021 Living inspiration

Living trends 2021 Living inspiration

Living trends 2021 Living inspiration


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