Pampas grass is the houseplant trend!

Pampas grass, also known by its scientific name, cortaderia selloana, is the latest indoor landscaping trend of the year. We see it everywhere – in the most beautiful, often Scandinavian interiors, on Instagram, Pinterest and the best interior magazines. Are you curious about what Pampas grass actually is and how you can use it at home? Read all about it here!

Pampas grass is a tall grass that can grow up to 3 meters high. It is cultivated as an ornamental in some parts of the world and is considered an invasive species in areas outside of its native South American range. This robust but super beautiful ornamental grass ensures movement in the garden all year round, but you can also put it in the house in the form of dried flowers – or in this case dry grasses.

A single Pampas grass stem with large Plume in a beautiful terracotta vase on the ground. The matching posters are available here .

Why is Pampas grass, and especially dried Pampas grass, suddenly so popular. There are several reasons for this. Most importantly, of course, it looks beautiful – simple, but super dainty. Pampas brings a soothing texture to spaces – an easy, airy, carefree feeling that we often look for in the home. The neutral color of the stem and plume ensures that it fits into any interior. Whether you have a sleek white interior or a very colorful interior, Pampas grass will always fit in nicely.

It is also a very sustainable plant – the older the plant, the more beautiful and better it will look. Pampas grass is also very maintenance-friendly. Especially as dry grass, you don’t actually have to maintain it. We do recommend spraying it lightly with hairspray to prevent the seeds from getting all over the place.

Sexy plant

A fun, strange fact, according to the Guardian: Pampas grass is associated with swingers in the UK! Apparently some folks in the sexy subculture grow it in their front yards to pass on their swinger status to other passing swingers. It kind of makes sense, too, as the airy, free-flowing nature of Pampas grass makes it the sexy silk slip of the plant world. And while it looks fluffy and soft, it actually feels quite spiky.

Pampas grass in a woven basket in a light and neutral interior with beautiful natural colors and materials.

Picking and drying pampas grass

Do you grow Pampas grass in the garden? Then it can be fun to pick them, dry them and use them at home. It is important to do this in the right way. And be careful, because the plant has sharp edges, which can hurt yourself very badly.

Step 1
Examine the plumes of the Pampas grass before cutting them. Avoid anything that appears covered in insects or shows signs of illness, as these are not good candidates for drying. Only harvest those plumes that have just finished flowering.

Step 2
Cut the stems of the Pampas grass to the desired length. Make a straight cut across the stem to separate it from the plant.

Step 3
Lightly mist each Pampas Grass Plume with hairspray to protect the delicate plume once it is dry.

Step 4
Remove all leaves from the stems of the pampas grass to speed up the drying process.

Step 5
Lightly tie the stems with string and hang the feathers upside down in a cool, dark room, such as a laundry room or closet. Make sure the feathers do not touch each other.

Step 6
Let the feathers hang for up to three weeks. Once the stems feel dry, remove the plants from the drying area to use. Since the Pampas grass is dried, they do not need water. To preserve the plumes, we do recommend re-spraying them every six months with hairspray to maintain fullness.

Long Pampas grass in a beautiful large glass vase on the floor in the living room.

Buy pampas grass

Don’t have Pampas grass in your garden? Or don’t you feel like drying them yourself? Then you can also buy ready-made dried Pampas grass. Below we have listed a number of addresses for you where you can go for a wide range of Pampas grass:
Green Lifestyle Store

Tip : Select Pampas grass stems that are long and strong with plumes that are full and fluffy. To ensure the best value, consider the height of the reed and whether or not the plumes have been treated to minimize shedding. You will no doubt lose some bulk from shedding if plumes don’t need to be treated. So the fuller the better!

Pampas grass in a beautiful brown glass vase on a stool next to the sofa.

Pampas grass as an interior decoration

Pampas grass is very versatile – you can use it around the house in many different ways. A single long stem with a large plume in a small slim vase can be super beautiful, but you can also create a nice bunch in a larger vase. If you like variety, you could also make a bouquet in combination with other types of dried flowers.

You can also hang pampas grass very nicely. For example, make a beautiful wreath and hang it on a door or wall. Another great idea is a large flower cloud of Pamper grass, which you hang above the dining table, coffee table or just somewhere in the corner of the living room or bedroom. This can be a great eye-catcher in your interior.

The Palm Co Designs has placed a beautiful transparent vase with a bunch of short pampas grass on the bedside table in the bedroom.
Amy made a beautiful Pampas grass wreath for the wall above the bed. Click here for the manual.
The beautiful Pampas grass flower cloud in the studio of Our Food Stories
The beautiful Pampas poster from Coco Lapine. Here available.
Fluffy pampas grass in a matching vase on the floor
Molly from chose a beautiful terracotta vase for her pampas grass on a wooden bench

Pampas grass is the houseplant trend! Living inspiration

Pampas grass is the houseplant trend! Living inspiration


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