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Have you bought a lot on which you want to build your dream home? Then there are several options for this. A prefab house is one of those possibilities. Prefabricated houses are houses whose parts are pre-built in a factory and delivered to their destination, assembled and finished. It is therefore a kind of construction kit that you can order from various suppliers. Building a prefabricated house has several advantages over traditional housing, including affordability and faster construction times. As with everything, there are also drawbacks.

Are you considering having a prefab house built? In order to be able to make a well-considered choice, it is important to know all the advantages and disadvantages of prefab homes. We have listed these for you below. Also view the beautiful inspiration examples, so that you have an idea of ​​what is possible.

Watch the video below how Janssen construction built a prefabricated house on location in two days.


1. Affordability

Building a prefab house is generally cheaper than a house built in the traditional way. Part of the savings has to do with labor. Fewer people are needed who work in fewer days to prepare a prefab house. That saves you a lot of money. In addition, the waste of materials is a lot less than traditional construction. Much less materials are wasted when building a prefab house. This is not only good for your wallet, but also for the environment. A prefab house is already available from € 180,000. Of course the price depends on various factors, such as the size of the house, the materials and the finish.

2. Energy efficiency

Another great advantage of prefabricated houses is that they are often super energy efficient. Among other things, the tight airtight connections and modern windows ensure that a prefab house is very well insulated. And that will of course save you energy in the long term.

3. Fast construction

We have already discussed above, the speed with which a prefab house is made ready to move in is of course also a very important advantage. This is mainly due to the fact that the parts of a prefab house are made inside a factory, where you are not bothered by different weather conditions that can delay construction. This also results in a higher quality of the parts.

Building a traditional home can take months and sometimes even years. A prefab house can be completed within six weeks from the first phase until it is ready to move in. The preparation of the site, including obtaining permits, takes the most of the time. Once the kit has been delivered to its destination, the house can be assembled within two days.

Prefabricated house Living inspiration
Modern prefab house select haus

4. Many different options

A big misunderstanding that many people have about prefab homes is that you don’t have a lot of choice. It is true that you used to have fewer options, but nowadays you have a lot of options for building a prefab house. In any case, you can decide for yourself how your home is finished, as well as in style, color and details. For example, you can choose from different types of homes, from sleek modern villas with a flat roof to rural farmhouses with a thatched roof. You could even opt for a 1930s house or a characteristic notary’s house . In addition, there are also parties where you can determine, for example, the layout, the height of the ceiling, and much more. You can therefore absolutely realize your dream home with a prefab house.

5. Viewing in advance

What is very nice about a prefab house is that you can view the house or a similar house in advance at many parties. This can be done at certain fairs, for example, and some parties have a showroom where you can view and feel the different types of prefab homes. Then you also get a good idea of ​​the materials used and their quality.

6. Transparency in price

Because you are shopping a prefab house from a catalog, as it were, you know in advance what the price will be. There is little chance that you will be faced with surprises, which is of course great when you take on such a large project.

Prefabricated house Living inspiration
Detached prefab house of Livingstone


1. Limited possibility of customization

Although nowadays you have many options for determining what your prefab home will look like, the options are limited once the home has been built. For example, it is for a prefab house to realize an extension, compared to a traditional house. Sometimes that is no longer possible at all. The same applies to the laying of pipes and sockets. That is why it is important to think long-term, so that you build a future-proof home.

2. Extra transport costs

In general, the prefab house can be transported from the factory to the destination without any problems and extra costs. But if you have special requirements, which means that you have to deal with parts that cannot be transported on a public road. Then you have to take into account extra costs for adapted transport.

3. Not 100% satisfactory

Although with a prefab house you have a lot of freedom to determine what it will look like, the choices are still more limited compared to a traditional house, which can be completely custom designed and built. For example, it is not possible to take a room with round walls.

Prefabricated house Living inspiration
Modern prefab villa by Janssen construction

Inspiration examples

To give you an idea of ​​what is possible with prefab homes, we have listed a number of very nice inspiration examples below. All examples are real prefab homes, which you can have built by Dutch suppliers. With each photo you can read what kind of prefab house it is, and which supplier you can go to to have something like this built.

1. 1930s house

This 1930s house from Spijkenisse was built by Janssen-Bouw from Etten-Leur. It is a beautiful house with characteristic red stones, wide gutters, and characteristic details, such as the tiled gabled roof and the authentic dormer window. Janssen-Bouw’s 1930s houses are characterized by a classic construction, combined with a modern touch. Click here for more information and to view more inspiration examples.

Prefabricated house Living inspiration

2. Mansion

Are you a fan of stately mansions? That is also possible with prefabricated houses. This prefab house has also been realized by Janssen-Bouw. A beautiful characteristic mansion with light stones, red roof tiles and characteristic windows. It is also a very spacious detached house with three floors and a garage. Click here to view more prefab townhouses.

Prefabricated house Living inspiration

3. Modern white villa

This modern white villa was built by Livingstone. They do not build standard prefab houses, but so-called prefab shell houses, which are finished on the outside in a traditional way. The construction period does take longer, but the advantage is that you have a lot of freedom to realize your dream home. This modern white villa from The Hague is a very nice example of this. Click here to read more about this property.

Prefabricated house Living inspiration

4. Farmhouse with thatched roof

Have you always wanted to live in a farmhouse with a thatched roof? This farmhouse from Pijnacker, built by Livingstone, has a beautiful rural appearance, but is also very sleek and modern at the same time. This is due to the sleek white exterior facade, which is combined with a traditional rural thatched roof. Read here more about this farm.

Prefabricated house Living inspiration

5. Notary’s residence

Livingstone also realized Villa Patijn, a super beautiful characteristic notary house. What is special is that the old house that previously stood on the plot was used as a source of inspiration for the residents of this brand new notary house. The authentic details come out very nicely, while the residents can enjoy the pleasure of a modern home. Perfect! Click here for more info.

Prefabricated house Living inspiration

6. Dream home

This is villa Hustinx, a spacious modern villa, finished with a thatched roof. And the contrasting black window frames, compared to the sleek white facade, also give the house a very cool touch. This is all thanks to Livingstone designer Richard Martens.

Prefabricated house Living inspiration

7. Lot house

Here you can see the Datcha house, a modern plot house that is inspired by the typical Russian datchas. Although these plot houses are not typical prefabricated houses, they can be built fairly quickly. They are characterized by a rectangular floor plan, which makes it very practical to furnish. It is also possible to finish them in different ways. Knowing more? Click here for more information.

Prefabricated house Living inspiration

8. Bungalow

For seniors it is nice to live in a single-storey house, so that they do not have to climb stairs. A bungalow house is therefore ideal. Selekt Huis specializes in residential construction, combining traditional construction with prefab. The bungalow below, Granada, is a good example of this. The starting point is a senior home, with all facilities on the ground floor. If desired, it is possible to add a floor. Read here all about this modern bungalow.

Prefabricated house Living inspiration

9. Barn house

A barn house doesn’t sound very attractive until you see this barn house, designed by Selekt Huis. Trentino is a super beautiful rural house, which has a very sturdy look thanks to the black wooden facade and the black roof tiles. The residents of this house have placed extra solar panels on it, making it even more sustainable. Read here all about this semi prefab home.

Prefabricated house Living inspiration

10. Rural prefab house

We also found this last house in the portfolio of Selekt Huis. This rural semi prefab house has Selekt House for Mr. and mrs. de Vries designed and built. The combination of the bricks and the wooden cladding on the outside facade is very special. Do you want to know more about moden Weisshorn house? Click here !

Prefabricated house Living inspiration

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Prefabricated house Living inspiration

Prefabricated house Living inspiration


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