Quooker hot water tap? Or an alternative after all?

Do you want a Quooker for your new kitchen? Or is there a better alternative? Read all about the advantages and disadvantages of the best-known hot water taps here!

Hot water taps or boiling water taps are hot – literally and figuratively! More and more people see the advantage of a kitchen tap, which provides boiling or hot water with a turn of the tap. Some still use the old-fashioned kettle, but most people have switched to the electric kettle. And almost everyone who buys a new kitchen now is also considering a hot water tap. Quooker is without a doubt the most popular brand, but there are also alternatives worth considering. We will tell you all about it on this page.

What are the advantages of a hot water tap?

As mentioned, the biggest advantage of a hot water tap is that you always have hot or boiling water in the kitchen immediately. So you never have to wait for water to boil in the pan for your pasta. However, this is not the only benefit of hot water taps. Below we have listed all the benefits:

  1. More than just hot water
    Hot water taps, such as those from Quooker, can dispense both cold and boiling water, but also have options to dispense filtered water or even sparkling water. This means you can use just one tap to replace not only the kettle, but also traditional kitchen faucets, and bottles of spa blue and red. Ideal if you have a small kitchen with a small refrigerator and little work space on the worktop.
  2. Flexible hose
    Some hot water taps come with a flexible, pull-out hose, which can be very useful for cleaning the sink or filling a pan on the counter at the side of the counter.
  3. Less use of plastic
    So there are hot water taps that have the option to dispense filtered water and sparkling water, so you never have to buy plastic bottles of water from the supermarket again. You happy, your kitchen happy, and the environment happy!
  4. Child-friendly
    Make sure you buy a kid-friendly faucet: the sides of these faucets do not get hot and thanks to the child-safe functionality, children cannot accidentally switch them on, which is also useful for adults. Some hot water taps are also equipped with a child lock.
  5. Handy for people with mobility problems
    A hot water tap means no more lifting, filling and pouring from a heavy kettle. The solution for people with mobility problems.
  6. Tastier water
    Since some hot water taps also have a filter, the bad tasting chemicals are also removed. Some will also aerate and soften the water for you – Ideal if you live in an area where the tap water is very hard.
  7. Adjustable water temperature
    There are hot water taps where the water temperature is adjustable. This can be useful if you do not want to drink boiling water, for example.
  8. The choice is huge
    Like traditional kitchen faucets, hot water faucets are available in a variety of colors and finishes. So you not only have the choice of chrome or stainless steel, but you can also choose, for example, from black taps, golden taps, brushed copper taps, you name it. There is always a hot water tap that fits nicely in your kitchen.
  9. Energy saving
    While an electric kettle costs about 2.5 cents per boil, Quooker says their boiling water taps cost just 3 cents a day to run on standby. Quooker does not use boiler technology, but instead uses a unique patented thermos tank, which keeps water under pressure at 110 ° C so that it is dispensed with a constant true 100 ° C boiling temperature.
Quooker hot water tap? Or an alternative after all? Kitchen inspiration
The Quooker flex hot water tap

What are the disadvantages of a hot water tap?

So hot water taps offer many advantages, but as with anything, they also have disadvantages. These can be found below:

  1. Maintenance
    Normal kitchen faucets require virtually no maintenance. Hot water taps do need that, with the filters having to be replaced every once in a while. There are also hot water taps with filters that should be serviced every six months. Others argue that the filter should be replaced every five years. We also recommend descaling the tap strainer (the aerator) twice a year.
  2. Professional mechanic
    Hot water taps are on the counter, need to be plugged in, and the water tanks need to be connected to electricity to work. So it is best to hire a professional mechanic to install it. Boiling water taps can be retrofitted to an existing kitchen, but are usually installed as part of a new kitchen. Installation costs are sometimes included with the crane, so be sure to ask carefully.
  3. Just always boiling water
    There is a subtle but clear difference between boiling water taps and hot water taps: boiling water taps – think Quooker, Franke and Qettle – deliver water at 100ºC; hot water taps deliver water that does not reach 100ºC. As a consumer, you won’t notice a difference, but if you’re picky about how hot your morning coffee is, this is a point to consider.
Quooker hot water tap? Or an alternative after all? Kitchen inspiration
The GROHE RED hot water tap with child safety


Quooker is currently the most popular brand for hot water taps, especially in the Netherlands. But there are definitely alternative brands that are worth considering. We have made a top 9 list of the best hot water taps at the moment.

1. Quooker Fusion tap

Great hot water tap with a nice design that is easy (and safe) to use.
Suitable for : people who are style conscious
Tank capacity : 3 liters or 7 liters
Temperature range : 100ºC
Finish : Polished chrome, brushed chrome, stainless steel, black and gold. Other Quooker models include Flex, Classic and Nordic single

Quooker hot water tap? Or an alternative after all? Kitchen inspiration

+ Child friendly
+ Nice design
+ Hot, cold, 100ºC boiling and filtered cold water from one tap
+ Saves time, water and energy

– Not immediately available everywhere, but via 3,000 kitchen dealer partners or the Quooker website

Ideal for those who want a boiling water tap that looks good, but is still safe for children and of course practical; this is definitely one of the best boiling water taps on the market.

What appeals to us?
As with all Quooker hot water taps, you can choose the size of your reservoir based on your personal use and you can select extras such as a soap dispenser, scale controls and a mounting bracket.

Quooker also does not use kettle technology, but instead uses a unique patented thermos, which keeps water under pressure at 110 ° C, so that it is dispensed with a constant, true boiling temperature of 100 ° C.

What works well?
It has a child resistant double push and rotary switch and delivers boiling water in an aerated jet to prevent accidents. There is also an option for cold filtered drinking water. Our favorite part is the red warning light ring that illuminates when boiling water is heated or dispensed.

What to pay attention to?
Not necessarily something to put you off, but keep in mind that Quooker faucets are not cheap. The price of a Quooker tap is determined by two factors: the tap and the reservoir. Both are available in different versions. The cheapest model costs € 995 – The Nordic single tap with a chrome finish and a PRO3 reservoir. The most luxurious model costs € 3595 – The Quooker Fusion gold-plated with COMBI reservoir. In between, different models with different prices are available.

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2. GROHE RED DUO faucet

A super safe hot water tap with a stylish design and great build quality.
Suitable for : if you are looking for a faucet with multiple functions
Tank capacity : up to 5.5 liters
Temperature range : up to 99 ° C
Finish : chrome

Quooker hot water tap? Or an alternative after all? Kitchen inspiration

+ Good functionality
+ Family-friendly
+ Nice design

-You need some space

A super safe hot water tap with a stylish design and great build quality. The Grohe Red Duo definitely deserves one in this list of the best hot water taps.

What appeals to us?
You can choose from a 3 liter or 5.5 liter kettle, depending on the requirements. For this you need space in your kitchen cupboard.

What works well?
Available in four different designs, the Grohe red mixer tap is both a stylish and functional addition to a modern kitchen. Two-step, child-resistant activation and a release-to-stop model make it one of the safest options on the market and therefore perfect for a family home, while the option for an integrated hot and cold tap is the perfect replacement for a standard kitchen tap .

What to pay attention to?
This can be a problem with many hot water taps, but many reviews say that, despite the insulated sides, parts of the tap felt warm to the touch.

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3. Franke Omni tap

Best Boiling Water Tap for Families: Franke’s infallible offering is great for families with kids.
Suitable for : families
Tank capacity : 4.2 liters
Temperature range : up to 100 ° C
Finish : chrome

Quooker hot water tap? Or an alternative after all? Kitchen inspiration

+ Very easy to use
+ Large reserve

– A bit slow to filter
– Expensive

Appropriately named, this boiling water tap from Franke really seems to do anything. It almost looks like a regular faucet design, but you soon discover that it can do much more.

What appeals to us?
It’s a surprisingly rare example of a boiling water tap that really lives up to that boiling water promise, with water up to 100 ° C straight from the mouthpiece, and with a large 4 liter + reservoir the water just keeps on coming, perfect for making large pans of pasta and filling large mop buckets.

What works well?
Reviewers loved how foolproof it was: with ergonomic handles for left-handed and right-handed people, easy installation, filter replacement warning lights, splash-proof feature, and child lock. It looks like a great all-rounder and the best boiling water tap for large and busy families.

What to pay attention to?
Only one design is available, but it’s pretty neutral, so we think it will suit more households. Aside from that, the one thing you have to overcome is the pretty hefty price tag, but you’re buying from a high-quality, experienced brand.

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4. Insinkerator tap

Best hot water tap for temperature control: for instant hot (or warm) boiling water of your choice at any desired temperature.
Suitable for : temperature control
Tank capacity : 2.5 liters
Temperature range : adjustable from 88 ° C – 98 ° C
Finish : chrome, rose gold and gold

+ Hot water is filtered
+ Available in different finishes and shapes
+ Security features
+ Space-saving compact design
+ 2 year warranty

– Regular hot and cold water is not filtered

We like the compact design of this hot water tap, and we think it’s the best boiling water tap if you’re looking for a model that allows you to fully control the temperature.

What appeals to us?
With the ability to dispense up to 100 cups of boiling water per hour, this hot water tap gives you the ability to set the temperature to whatever temperature you want – so whether you need it on its hottest to cook vegetables or just a little warm for the baby bottle, it has setting to suit everyone.

What works well?
The discreet 2.5 liter tank fits easily under a sink and delivers water at all temperatures, and any hot water that comes out is also filtered. For those who care about design, the faucet is available in two shapes and different finishes to complement your kitchen. In terms of safety, it has a safety mechanism with a pressure lever to prevent accidents. The best quality by far is the adjustable thermostat, making it the best boiling water tap for temperature control.

What to pay attention to?
Reviews say it can be slow to dispense larger amounts of water, so keep that in mind if you’re going to use it often for cooking. Although of course it is still faster than using an electric kettle.

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Quooker hot water tap? Or an alternative after all? Kitchen inspiration

Quooker hot water tap? Or an alternative after all? Kitchen inspiration

Quooker hot water tap? Or an alternative after all? Kitchen inspiration


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