Sticky tiles

Sticky tiles are the perfect solution for people who want to remodel their home on a low budget. Consider, for example, rental homes, student rooms or simply because you do not want to spend so much money on the renovation. Whether it concerns the living room, kitchen, toilet or even the bathroom. Besides being cheap, adhesive tiles also have a number of other practical advantages. Are you looking for a nice alternative to traditional tiles? Read all about sticky tiles here and view beautiful inspiration examples.

Advantages of adhesive tiles

Traditional tiles can be made from different materials. You have natural stone tiles, ceramic tiles or cement tiles. All these types of tiles can be used for both the floor and the wall. Besides the fact that you need tile adhesive with which the tiles are placed, all tiles must also be added. Adhesive tiles offers a number of very practical advantages over traditional tiles.

Sticky tiles Bathroom inspiration
White wall adhesive tiles from Dumaplast

No jointing

Adhesive tiles are made of plastic, and are therefore also called plastic panels or PVC tiles. This makes them a lot lighter. You can easily glue them to the floor or to the walls with tile adhesive. In addition, there are also self-adhesive tiles available, where you do not need any glue at all. Most adhesive tiles also have hooks on the edges, with which you can attach the tiles to each other. It is therefore not necessary to grout the tiles afterwards.

Sticky tiles Bathroom inspiration
White marble slab tiles from Dumaplast on the bathroom wall


The adhesive tiles are completely waterproof. They are therefore suitable for damp and wet areas such as the kitchen back wall, the toilet or in the bathroom. You could even cover the floor and walls in the walk-in shower with adhesive tiles. Make sure you use silicone glue for the seams, so that the walls and floors are 100% waterproof.

Sticky tiles Bathroom inspiration
Gray terrazzo tiles on the bathroom wall

Over existing tiles or other smooth surfaces

Another big advantage of adhesive tiles is that they can simply be applied to existing tiles. It is therefore not necessary to remove the old tiles first. That saves an enormous amount of time, labor and money. You can also apply the adhesive tiles to other surfaces without any problems, such as plaster walls, plastered walls or a wooden wall. The most important thing is that the surfaces are even.

Sticky tiles Bathroom inspiration
Black marble slab tiles from Dumaplast

Buy adhesive tiles

Do you want to buy adhesive tiles for your bathroom, kitchen or toilet? Then you can go to various parties. For example, Praxis has Dumawall wall tiles that you can easily glue. IKEA offers MARKYTA , sturdy rectangular tiles that are suitable for both floors and walls. They have very cool concrete-look tiles, but also very nice pattern tiles, for example. Not quite what you are looking for? Take a look at Etsy, where the range of adhesive tiles is super large.

Sticky tiles Bathroom inspiration
Light gray concrete look wall tiles combined with blue patterned tiles on the floor. Both are MARKYTA tiles from IKEA.
Sticky tiles Bathroom inspiration
Dark gray concrete look wall tiles combined with black and white patterned tiles on the floor. Both are MARKYTA tiles from IKEA.
Sticky tiles Bathroom inspiration
Nice blue patchwork tiles from Dumaplast
Sticky tiles Bathroom inspiration
Luxurious taupe tiles on the Dumaplast kitchen back wall
Sticky tiles Bathroom inspiration
Small concrete look adhesive tiles from Dumaplast

Buy sticky tiles

As mentioned, most adhesive tiles are attached to the floors and walls with glue. This makes it a lot easier than installing traditional tiles. IKEA has made a handy video guide in which they explain step by step how to tile their MARKYTA tiles. Watch the video and the instruction steps before you actually get started.

What do you need?

  • Chamois cloth;
  • Level;
  • Measuring tape;
  • Square square;
  • Glue spreader;
  • Trowel;
  • MARKYTA glue;
  • Creasing knife;
  • Work gloves;
  • Caulking gun.

Sticky tiles Bathroom inspiration

1. Clean and dry the floor or wall

The MARKYTA tiles can be glued over existing floor or tiles. The most important thing is that the surface is properly cleaned. You can easily do this with a damp cloth.

2. Measure the length of the wall and determine the center

You can start with a half or a whole tile.

Sticky tiles Bathroom inspiration

3. Apply glue

Spread glue on the trowel with a towel of MARKYTA glue. Then spread the glue from bottom to top. Then you can do the same from left to right.

4. Place adhesive tiles

After the adhesive has been applied, the adhesive tiles can be placed. Start in the corner and place the first tile at the bottom. Place the tile with the protruding side out. Then place the rest of the tiles on the wall from right to left. Press the tiles well. In the instruction video, the tiles are laid in stretcher bond instead of straight above each other.

Sticky tiles Bathroom inspiration

Sticky tiles Bathroom inspiration

Sticky tiles Bathroom inspiration

5. Cut slab tiles

As with the traditional tiles, it is necessary to cut the adhesive tiles to make it fit the corners of the walls. Use the set square to make sure you cut straight. Cut two to three times with a sharp utility knife in the same spot so you can easily break it afterwards.

Sticky tiles Bathroom inspiration

6. Make holes

Holes in the adhesive tiles for taps and pipes can be made with a hole drill.

7. Edges sealant

When all the sticky tiles have been placed, you can start with sealing the edges. For sealing you can keep a space of 5 mm between the floor and the wall tile. Remove the adhesive residue from the wall and floor with a damp cloth.

Sticky tiles Bathroom inspiration

That’s it! You can easily clean the tiles with a damp cloth. It is important not to use abrasives or chlorine. This can damage the adhesive tiles.

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Sticky tiles Bathroom inspiration

Sticky tiles Bathroom inspiration


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