These are the nicest plant shops!

Plants are an absolute must-have in the house, whether you live in a super small apartment, a single-family home or a large detached villa. Everyone knows that plants are good for your health. For example, they ensure good air circulation in the house, they provide less stress, they improve the acoustics in the house, they give you a good night’s sleep … and we can go on like this for a while. In addition, plants are of course also very nice and decorative. In the past, DIY stores and garden centers were the places to be for buying plants. But nowadays there are also very special nice plant shops located in the middle of the city, where you can find a wide range of different types of plants.

So are you looking for nice plants in your home, and do you first want to seek advice from a specialist? We have listed the best plant shops for you!

1. STEK in Rotterdam

Do you live near Rotterdam? Then you should definitely pay a visit to STEK , head and shoulders the nicest plant shop in Rotterdam. The plant shop is located in the middle of town, on the Nieuwe Binnenweg, and is run by nine enthusiastic plant enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

They found that Rotterdam lacked a plant hotspot, where people without a car can go to get tips and advice on everything to do with plants. Think of weeds, growing vegetables, starting the neighborhood garden, you name it. And STEK has become that plant hotspot.

Not only do they make the more immediate environment greener and more lively in their store, but STEK also actively uses their knowledge in the neighborhood. For example, STEK has already created several facade gardens and vegetable hills in the city.

Nieuwe Binnenweg 195b
3021 GA Rotterdam
[email protected]

These are the nicest plant shops! Living inspiration

2. Wilderness Amsterdam

Wildernis is Mila and Emma’s plant shop. They have worked in journalism and interior design, but one day when they needed more greenery, they decided to start Wildernis in 2015 – the plant shop located in the center of Amsterdam.

With Wildernis, Mila and Emma want to show what you can do with greenery. They are convinced that everyone can do something with plants. This doesn’t have to be big. Nobody starts as a plant connoisseur, but they become a plant connoisseur.

And Wildernis can help you with that. In the plant shop you get a certain peace of mind. You really end up in a real wilderness full of beautiful plants. The chaos from the city immediately falls off your shoulders. Do you have questions about certain plants? Do not hesitate to ask this to Mila or Emma. They will speak to you with all their love.

Bilderdijkstraat 165F
1053 KP Amsterdam
[email protected]

These are the nicest plant shops! Living inspiration

3. Red and Flower Utrecht

Carolien worked for twelve years as a stylist at a large international company. When she found herself doing things that didn’t really suit her at all, she decided to change course completely. She found out that she wanted to go back to her first study, namely florist!

Within a month and a half Carolien transformed an old business space in the center of Utrecht into a very nice plant shop, called Rood & Bloem – or as she describes it herself, a city garden shop. A treasure trove for anyone who loves plants. All the plants in the store are like children to her, to which she gives a lot of love and attention.

In addition to various beautiful plants and flowers, you can also find other nice products such as botanical prints, pottery and jewelry.

Carolien also gives fun workshops, where you learn all sorts of things about plants in and around the house.

Springweg 14
3511 VP Utrecht
030–66 28 526
[email protected]

These are the nicest plant shops! Living inspiration

4. Filya Indoor Garden The Hague

Do you want to buy nice plants near The Hague? Then Filya is highly recommended – our favorite plant shop in The Hague. They started in 2016 with a group of five friends. This also explains the name ‘Filya’, which means friendship in Greek. Filya started as a webshop with various restyling projects, but because they soon found out that they missed daily contact with customers, they also turned it into a physical store.

Initially it was more of a concept store, where you could find interior products, clothing and accessories. When there was an increasing demand for plants, they were transformed step by step into a real plant shop. From that moment on it was no longer called Filya, but Filya Indoor Garden.

Their goal was to become THE city garden shop in The Hague, and they are well on their way. They receive new plants several times a week. Carefully selected plants from all over the world, which are given a new home through the plant shop. Of course you can also go there for questions and advice. You can even have your plant repotted at Filya!

Velvet Burgwal 1F
2511 CH The Hague
[email protected]

These are the nicest plant shops! Living inspiration

5. Sage Leiden

A plant shop that we are also very enthusiastic about is Sage in Leiden. Nelske had always been a fan of plants in and around the house. In 2018 she turned her hobby into her job, with the opening of Salie in the harbor in Leiden. She could perfectly combine this with her work as a freelancer.

The plant shop is furnished as a cozy living room full of nice plants. You can find them on the floor, table, on the cupboards, and also hanging from the ceiling. Via the webshop you get a good idea of what you can find there, but it is actually much more fun to visit the physical plant store.

There you can not only see, touch and smell the plants in real life, you can always go to Sage for questions. And she also gives super fun workshops for creating your own ecosystem or Kokedama.

Harbor 4
2312 MH Leiden
[email protected]

These are the nicest plant shops! Living inspiration

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These are the nicest plant shops! Living inspiration

These are the nicest plant shops! Living inspiration


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