Toilet seat replacement – manual

Do you want to replace the toilet seat in your toilet or bathroom, because the old one is broken or because you are doing a nice makeover? Good idea! Replacing a toilet seat is a super easy job. All you need are some basic tools and a few minutes. In this 5-step guide, we show you how to easily replace a toilet seat!

1. Measure

Measure the current toilet bowl before purchasing a new toilet seat. Most toilets are standard dimensions, so most toilet seats should just fit. To make sure it fits, measure the distance between the bolt holes in the toilet bowl. Then check that the distance between the bolts on the new toilet seat is the same.

Toilet seat replacement - manual Bathroom inspiration

2. Buy a new toilet seat

If you have the measurements, you can look for a new toilet seat . Toilet seats are available in many different styles and colors. Black toilet seats used to be super popular, but nowadays most people choose a white toilet seat. But there are plenty of other beautiful colors and patterns. Choose a toilet seat that matches the style of your bathroom or toilet. In addition, you also have so-called soft close toilet seats, where the lid of the toilet seat slowly lowers. With a soft close toilet seat you do not have to take hard blows into account.

3. Collect the tools

    Collect the tools. You only need a few simple things to replace a toilet seat:

  • Adjustable wrench;
  • Flat screwdriver (optional).

Toilet seat replacement - manual Bathroom inspiration

4. Remove old toilet seat

First, remove the nut caps from the old toilet seat. You can find this at the bottom of the rim of the toilet bowl, left and right. These caps can often be loosened by hand. If that doesn’t work, you could also use an adjustable wrench. When the caps are turned off, the toilet seat can easily be removed from the toilet bowl.

Toilet seat replacement - manual Bathroom inspiration

5. Attach new toilet seat

Then the new toilet seat can be attached. A manual and mounting materials are supplied with every standard toilet seat. Place the toilet seat on the toilet bowl, with the bolts going through the holes. You can then fasten this with the new supplied nut caps. Initially tighten it with your hands, then you can tighten it securely with the adjustable wrench.

Toilet seat replacement - manual Bathroom inspiration

That’s it, replacing a toilet seat is that easy!

Toilet seat replacement - manual Bathroom inspiration

Toilet seat replacement - manual Bathroom inspiration


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