Top mattress or not?

A good night’s sleep is super important, we don’t really have to tell anyone. That is why people do everything they can to have that good night’s sleep. A good and comfortable mattress plays a very important role in this. Some also combine their mattress with a mattress topper . A top mattress, also known as a top mattress or topper, is a thin mattress with a thickness of 5-10 centimeters that you place on top of your normal terrace. The goal is more lying comfort, and therefore a better night’s sleep. But does a top mattress actually provide more comfort and a better night’s sleep? According to theconsumer association , this is not always the case. In many cases, they even advise against buying a mattress topper. But when is an extra top mattress on top of your mattress a good idea? You can read that below!

1. Soften the mattress

Whether a mattress is comfortable or not is very personal. Some like to lie on a soft mattress, while others prefer a hard mattress. It may therefore be that you find your normal mattress too hard. Then you could put a mattress topper on top to make it softer.

2. Protect the mattress

Mattresses are not cheap. You can easily pay a few hundred euros for a good quality mattress. You would therefore protect it as well as possible, so that you can use your mattress for as long as possible. If you handle it properly, you can easily use your mattress for 8-10 years. To extend its lifespan, you could place a mattress topper on top of your normal mattress for protection. After all, top mattresses are a lot cheaper than a normal mattress.

Top mattress or not? Bedroom inspiration

3. A mattress topper is lightweight

Because almost everyone lies on their mattress in the same place every night, your mattress is the most stressed in that place. In the long run this can cause silage. Pit formation can prevent you from twisting and flipping your mattress regularly. However, a normal mattress is quite heavy, which makes this task difficult. A mattress topper is a lot lighter, which also makes turning and turning a lot easier.

4. A mattress topper can be cleaned more easily

You protect a mattress with a fitted sheet. Yet it can still happen that your mattress gets dirty, for example because you have spilled a glass of wine. You cannot put a normal mattress in the washing machine, but some top mattresses do fit in a washing machine. And how lucky that you have a top cover mat!

Top mattress or not? Bedroom inspiration

5. No gap between two mattresses

The main reason people buy a mattress topper is because many beds consist of two single mattresses. Many box springs, for example, are made up of two separate parts with two separate mattresses. With a gap between the two mattresses you are of course not comfortable at all. By placing a double top mattress on top of the two mattresses, you no longer suffer from the crack.

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Top mattress or not? Bedroom inspiration

Top mattress or not? Bedroom inspiration


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