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A shelf on the wall is always a good idea! You thus create storage space without compromising the walking surface. Wall bars are therefore a must-have for people who live small. You could compare it to wall places. The main difference is that a wall rack is provided with several shelves. Depending on how big it is, you can therefore place multiple items in a wall rack. This could be anything. Books and magazines, photo frames, collections of crockery, toys, spices, you name it. Wall shelves can therefore be mounted on all walls in the house, whether it is the living room, kitchen, bedroom, children’s room, hall, toilet or bathroom. There are so many types, sizes, colors and materials available. We have listed the best for you, sorted by furniture store!

Wall shelf inspiration

Wall racks can therefore be used in many different ways at home. Not only because of their practical character, wall shelves can of course also be very decorative. Hang one on the kitchen back wall for storing herbs or dishes. In the living room, it can be a nice idea to mount a wall rack on the wall behind the sofa, for small objects such as books, picture frames or plants. In the bedroom, a wall rack is nice for above the bed, but you can also mount it next to your bed and use it as a kind of bedside table.

In short, there are so many great ideas of what you can do with wall bars. To give you an even more idea of what is possible, and what it can look like, we have found some very nice inspiration examples.

The most popular wall rack is of course the well-known String pocket cabinet, designed by designer Nils String. But in addition to the String cupboard , there are many other wall racks available. We have listed the best wall shelves for you from the most famous furniture stores in the Netherlands, namely from Leenbakker, Xenos, Woonexpress, Action, IKEA, Loods 5 and Karwei. Click on the image to buy the relevant model directly in their webshop.

Wall rack Leenbakker

Leenbakker has a wide range of wall shelves in different styles and colors. Some wall shelves are available both in the store and in the webshop, but there are also variants that are only available online. We have put the nicest wall shelves from Leenbakker below.

Wall shelf Kwantum

You can also go to Kwantum furniture store for various nice wall shelves. The black metal kitchen rack with large S-hooks, for example, or the chic golden Erula wall rack and the oval Milan wall rack. What is also super nice is that all wall shelves are very affordable. Below you see six nice quantum wall racks that are all under € 30.00!

Wall shelf Xenos

We think Xenos is a very nice store, which has a wide range of home furnishings. They had undergone a metamorphosis, which also resulted in their products. In addition to the basic wall racks, Xenos also has a number of very special models, such as the wall rack made of recycled wood or the sturdy black metal wall rack with a round mirror. Which one do you like best?

Wall rack Woonexpress

Woonexpress started years ago as the Dutch counterpart of IKEA. But actually the furniture and accessories cannot be compared to those of the Swedish home furnishing store. This does not mean that they do not have beautiful products. In fact, you can absolutely go to Woonexpress for very nice furniture and accessories. Below you will find three super nice wall shelves that look completely different.

Wall rack Action

Action is the budget store in the Netherlands. And they are actually the only budget store where you can go for furniture and accessories. Action even has very nice furniture and accessories, which are really dirt cheap. Below you can see three different wall racks from Action, the most expensive of which costs less than six euros!

Wall shelf IKEA

And of course you can also go to IKEA for nice wall shelves, the largest and most famous home furnishing store in the world. We love wall rack Skadis, which is a kind of perforated board with racks and shelves. Wall rack Lustigt costs only € 5.99, but has a high designer content. And Kungsfors is a modular system, with different modules, with which you can even furnish an entire wall.

Wall rack Shed 5

Loods 5 has two locations, one in Sliedrecht and one in Zaandam. In addition, they also have a large webshop where almost all furniture and accessories from Loods 5 are for sale. The nice thing is that they have both budget-friendly and designer products. Below you will find nine different wall shelves from Loods 5, from € 33.95 – € 189.00.

Wall rack Karwei

You can find furniture and accessories at almost all hardware stores, such as Praxis, Gamma and Hornbach, but Karwei has by far the nicest home furnishings. In fact, when it comes to wall racks, Karwei has very special wall racks that are not even available at the above furniture stores. They have very practical wall racks, which you can mount in the bathroom, for example, but they also have very nice design wall racks that can be used for completely different things. For example, Karwei has a very nice wall rack for storing maps and a wall rack for magazines.

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Wall rack Furniture

Wall rack Furniture


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