What shouldn't be missing in your home office?

Whether you work from home a lot or find it important to have an office where you can take care of your administrative matters, it never hurts to create a fully furnished home office in your home. After all, that offers you a space where you can concentrate without distractions and where you can have everything you need at hand. In addition, it also prevents you from associating spaces where you should be able to relax with work. But what do you need, besides of course a computer and an internet connection, to properly equip your office? We have listed a number of things that should not be missing in your home office.


You may not have to use a printer often, but when you need it, it is very inconvenient if you have to turn to someone else for some prints. Moreover, nowadays you have an HP printer for not too much money that can scan and copy in addition to printing. This is useful when you need a copy of your passport, for example. If you have children, it is of course so handy that they can print their projects at home. Not all printers are equally ugly, and HP’s range certainly includes a number of beautifully designed devices that don’t have to ruin the stylish look of your home office. You can easily buy ink cartridges for HP printers online, even the cheaper imitation cartridges that also just work. Please note that the cartridge is indeed suitable for your printer.

What shouldn't be missing in your home office? Workplace inspiration


Don’t forget to also make room for plants in your home office. These help to give your office a more homely look, making it a more pleasant space to work in. In addition, plants also provide oxygen, making the climate in your office a better place to stay. Perhaps related to this is the notion that plants help concentration and boost your energy levels. For that reason alone should you opt for greenery in your home office.

What shouldn't be missing in your home office? Workplace inspiration

A good headset

When you often work from home, you may have to make regular (video) calls to colleagues or customers. First of all, you obviously need a good, stable internet connection for this. But you also need a good microphone, and it is also nice if you only hear the caller and not all your ambient noise. That is why it is good to buy a good headset that is comfortable, especially for your home office as part of the ‘equipment’. For calls coming into your phone, it is practical to have earplugs within reach (a computer often has a separate plug for the microphone and headphones, a smartphone has one for both).

Ergonomic office chair and height adjustable desk

Especially when you are going to spend a lot of time in your home office, it is important that the interior is as gentle on the body as possible. That is why it is wise to purchase an ergonomic office chair that is adjustable so that you can sit on it in the ideal position. This means, for example, that it must be adjustable in height, so that you can sit with your knees at an angle of about 90 degrees. Your back must also be well supported. Your desk must also be able to stand at the correct height for your height. If you buy a desk that is highly adjustable in height, then you create the option for yourself to also be able to work standing up. Make sure that the cables of your computer and related device have enough slack to make this possible.

What shouldn't be missing in your home office? Workplace inspiration

Garbage can

A trash can is just a small addition, but one you shouldn’t forget. In order to be able to work pleasantly in your home office, it is also nice if the office remains tidy. Things that can get away should not be left lying around because you keep forgetting to take them to a waste bin. That is why it is useful to have a trash can in your office, so that you can direct things you no longer need to the waste immediately. Of course you must also empty this trash can from time to time. Until then, this trash can also offers you the buffer that things you have wrongly thrown away can still be found for a while.

What shouldn't be missing in your home office? Workplace inspiration

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What shouldn't be missing in your home office? Workplace inspiration

What shouldn't be missing in your home office? Workplace inspiration


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